Your Weekly Horoscope Says the New Moon in Scorpio Is Gonna Rock Your World

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Your Weekly Horoscope Says the New Moon in Scorpio Is Gonna Rock Your World

Your horoscope for the week of November 12 to 18 begins on an intense note, so buckle your seatbelt and stay tuned for a brand new era. Eclipse season is now officially behind you, which means you’re back to manifesting and setting your goals in motion. However, the road to success may be bumpier than you’d expect.

The Universe is hard-launching a new moon in Scorpio on November 13 at 4:27 a.m. ET, which will have a major impact on fixed signs, especially if they have placements between 11 and 29 degrees. However, this new moon is so intense and chaotic that it’s sure to have an impact on every single one of us. Not only does this new moon take place in passionate, aggressive, and strategic Scorpio, but it will also join forces with combative Mars and oppose erratic and unpredictable Uranus. To say this combination is chaotic would be an understatement. Prepare for unexpected conflicts to unfold, especially if there are deeper truths lingering beneath the surface that have yet to be addressed. Get ready for this new moon to make you aware of everything that has been kept secret from you.

Although this new moon is looking messy, you’ll have an opportunity to talk things through and look at the big picture by November 15, because Mercury in Sagittarius will form a sextile with Venus in Libra. Even though Mercury is technically considered “in detriment” while moving through Sagittarius, Venus is considered right at home when moving through Libra. Although you might not have much of a filter at the moment, Venus in Libra will help you navigate complicated interactions with grace, understanding, and harmony.

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