Your Tarot Card Reading for May 2024 Says Your Luck Is About to Change

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Your Tarot Card Reading for May 2024 Says Your Luck Is About to Change

A new month is upon us and your 2024 May Tarot card reading and horoscope wants each zodiac sign to start planting seeds that will eventually bloom into something powerful. There are plenty of exciting new beginnings in store this month, and even if difficulties lie ahead, it’s paving the way for something wonderful.

After April’s Mercury retrograde and eclipse season double feature, the astrology of May will make all that hardship and frustration feel worth it. The month begins with both love planet Venus and powerhouse Mars in strong positions, as Venus will be in Taurus and Mars will be in Aries. These are the zodiac signs that allow Venus and Mars to do their best work, bringing gorgeous improvements to your love life and your career. Plus, Venus will join forces with revolutionary Uranus on May 18 and extravagant Jupiter on May 23, encouraging you to follow your heart and embrace unexpected relationship developments. Make no mistake—there’s plenty of love to go around this month.

The most exciting moment of this month arrives on May 25, when Jupiter leaves behind sturdy Taurus and enters information-obsessed Gemini. Because Jupiter is planet of growth and abundance, this is bound to tap into your desire to attain more knowledge and dissect the facts. However, you may be prone to analysis paralysis, as Jupiter is technically in detriment when in Gemini. This is due to the fact that Gemini focus on the details and minutiae while Jupiter would rather focus on the big picture, but striking a balance between both will help you get the most out of this transit. Oh, and if your sun, moon, or rising is in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, this shift will bring life-changing blessings.

Your May 2024 Tarot Card Reading for Each Zodiac Sign

By the time May is over, you could be in the process of building toward new goals and strengthening new relationships. And because there’s no way of knowing how everything look on the other side, your monthly Tarot horoscope will at least be one major clue. Here’s what the main theme of your May 2024 story is looking like, according to a Tarot card pull for your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign:

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