Your July Horoscope Predicts a Wave of Summertime Sadness, Thanks to a Blue Moon

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Your July Horoscope Predicts a Wave of Summertime Sadness, Thanks to a Blue Moon

Summer is in full swing, and your July monthly horoscope for each zodiac sign kicks off in the emotional swells of Cancer season. With the sun in this sensitive water sign, everyone’s hearts are a little bit softer, so it’s important to act with a little extra compassion and care—especially with all the cosmic action happening in the first week of July.

Retrograde season is ramping up, as illusive Neptune begins backspinning on July 2, sending us on a collective review of all the fantasies that have been replaying in our heads as of late. As it stations retrograde, it forms a lucky trine to the mental planet Mercury, filling our minds with dreamy and creative thoughts. Mercury enters flashy fire sign Leo just an hour later, so be prepared to express yourself with more confidence. On July 5, the gentle new moon in Cancer rises, encouraging everyone to nurture themselves and emotionally connect with others. 

Just before amorous Venus enters flashy Leo on July 11, it’ll blow a beautiful kiss to dreamy Neptune, infusing relationships with a sense of fantasy and romance. Plan a date night! Wildcards really start flying by mid-month, as high-octane Mars meets with shock-artist Uranus in Taurus on July 16, tempting everyone to act on their chaotic impulses. This could be a good time to shake things up and break out of your comfort zone, but take time to think before making moves. Speaking of Mars, it enters busy-bodied Gemini on July 20, giving everyone the juice to tackle a million things at once.

The year’s second consecutive full moon in Capricorn hits on July 21, so now’s the time to build on whatever intentions you set for the summer and bring some goals to fruition. This marks a wrap on Cancer season, as the sun enters cheerful and confident Leo the following day. The warmth of fiery Leo season is coaxing us out of our collective crab shells, inspiring us to have some fun in the sun. On July 25, chatty Mercury heads into the thoughtful and detail-oriented sign of Virgo—one of its signs of rulership—giving our minds a sharper and more observant edge. The month wraps up with sensitive comet Chiron stationing retrograde on July 29, which can help us find healing after recent hardships.

Your July 2024 monthly horoscope for each zodiac sign

Read on for your full horoscope for the month of July 2024, according to your sun sign and/or rising sign:

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