Your January Horoscope Is Here & Mercury Retrograde Is Officially Over

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Your January Horoscope Is Here & Mercury Retrograde Is Officially Over

The ball has dropped, the calendar has flipped, and we’ve collectively completed another trip around the sun. The new year is here! This fresh start feels very cosmically aligned, as the January 2024 horoscopes for each zodiac sign serve up an invigorating burst of motivation that can be channeled toward our New Year’s goals.

As always, we kick things off in Capricorn season, granting everyone a bit of this earth sign’s patented discipline and drive. There’s another refreshing feeling of momentum in the air, too, because Mercury retrograde auspiciously wraps up on January 1, restoring some mental clarity and inspiring us to generate some exciting new ideas—just in time for the new year. 

On January 4, go-getter Mars joins the sun in Capricorn, energizing us to capitalize on all this new-beginnings-energy. And once the new moon in Capricorn peaks on January 11, it’s officially time to hard-launch your 2024 goals and lay out foundations for the year ahead. On January 13, Mercury pops back into Capricorn, too, allowing plans to fall into place and to-do lists to be expertly drafted. The planets are really showing up to ensure we’re ready to slay our resolutions this year, so take advantage of the magic.

The transition from Capricorn season to Aquarius season on January 20 goes down in the most dramatic way possible, thanks to some intense Plutonian action. In the early morning, transformational planet Pluto aligns with the sun at the very last degree of Capricorn, catalyzing a powerful purge of subterranean motivations. Immediately after, the sun shifts into Aquarius, ushering in this air sign’s innovative and forward-thinking vibe. That evening, Pluto follows suit, reactivating some of the subtle changes that began brewing back in spring of last year. Welcome to Aquarius season, baby.

How the Planets Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign This Month

Read on for your full horoscope for the month of January 2024, according to your sun sign and/or rising sign:

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