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What to Wear Underneath Your Prom Dress

Take it from someone who got her period on the day of prom.

High school is hard: hormones, social awkwardness, emotional peaks and valleys, homework, exams, and planning for an uncertain future are just some of the challenges we face. 

And as we climb our way to the top of the scholastic ladder, there’s one silver lining that stands out like a beacon. There’s one event that holds endless possibilities at the end of our high school career. 


It’s the Met Gala of high school. It’s when we can look (and feel) our very best. It’s when we can celebrate the end of a very long journey; like turning the last page of a book that we either 1) loved, 2) hated or 3) feel “meh” about. Regardless, it’s the end of an era for all of us. 

So, baby, it’s time to get ready! Because, while you’re out there coordinating colors and booking hair appointments, we’re over here making sure you’re at your most comfortable while looking your most fabulous. 

Take it from someone who got her period on the day of prom, okay? 

When Your Period Also RSVPs to Prom

Leakproof Thigh Savers in Petal Party display: full

While we typically have the aesthetics set for our big day (hair, makeup, dress, shoes, accessories), sometimes we tend to forget what’s going on underneath all the frills—whether you’re wearing a sequin gown or are embracing your masc side with a suit. 

And while we picture the fairytale version of ourselves walking down the grand staircase to our prom date, we often don’t consider the time of the month or the unbearable heat that early summer weather can bring. 

Rarely are the realities of blood, sweat, and discharge factored into this fantasy. What I would have given to have had a pair of Leakproof Thigh Savers back in the (ahem) not-so-distant-past. 

When we think of Thigh Savers, typically it’s protection to help prevent thigh chafing that comes to mind—and that’s absolutely right. With a 5” inseam, Thigh Savers are long enough to help protect thighs from painful rubbing. 

The fabric is lightweight and buttery soft, so it’s a barely-there kind of feel, but one that goes the distance by absorbing about 3 regular tampons worth of period blood. In other words: no leaks, no chafe, no problem. 

There’s No Such Thing as Being Too Prepared

Leakproof Thigh Savers in Black and Petal Party display: full

PRO-PROM TIP: Nobody will tell you this, but I’m pretty sure schools intentionally turn off the A/C during prom ceremonies. It’s like a right of passage, “You made it through high school, now you have to make it through the sweltering heat of a June afternoon.” 

You will sweat, not only because of the heat, but because this is a BIG day for you. And nothing gets sweat trickling like the nerves of catching the eye of your crush from across the room during the evening’s first slow dance. 

So, wear an extra layer of deodorant, and let your parents know that a pair of Leakproof Thigh Savers is a prom must-have. The lightweight fabric has quick dry benefits that will help you stay cool and dry during said slow dance. 

And, because they’re seamless, no one—your crush or otherwise—will be able to tell the difference. Since each pair absorbs around 3 regular tampons worth of blood, sweat, or discharge, you can also forgo the pantyliners and tampons if you feel like it. Though they can also be used as back-up protection on your heavier flow days.

Ranging from XXS-XXL, there are styles in black (for underneath those dark gowns and suits) or petal party prints for zhushing up any prom look.

Summer is coming, and we love a diva who is prepared

Advice From a Prom Pro

Leakproof Thigh Savers in Black display: full

As someone who went to the bathroom every few minutes (juuuuust in case) during my prom, I can tell you two things. 1) I cried when I got my period (AND sweat profusely) on prom day because I thought my day was ruined. Was it? No. Could I have had something more secure in place to keep me protected? YES. 

And 2) When I look back at my prom pictures, I don’t see a girl who was struggling with menstruation or sweatiness. I see a girl who felt like a princess. I see a girl who felt like all the hard work, the tears, the anxiety, and worries of high school years had been worth it. 

Whether you’re taking your crush to the prom, or going solo or with the friends you’ve spent the last four years getting through high school with, prom is a time when you get to celebrate your achievements in and outside of school.

Guess what? 

You’ve earned it. Enjoy your last days of high school and celebrate yourself by taking away any extra stress that might arise. And finally, congratulations to the class of 2024!

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