What to Do When Your Potty Training Kid Keeps Having Accidents

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What to Do When Your Potty Training Kid Keeps Having Accidents


Maybe your child is excited to start the process of potty training or perhaps you are potty training a child who doesn’t want to. No matter what your situation may be, accidents are an inevitable part of this process. Helping parents through this time with incontinence products that are better than the best reusable diapers, along with some helpful advice is what we are passionate about at Tony and Ava.

Today we are here to help you solve the problem of what to do when your potty training kid keeps having accidents. We know this can be frustrating and messy but have no fear, with the ideas below, your child will be dry in no time.

First, it is important to remember that every child is different and will show potty training readiness at different ages. Most children exhibit this between 18-24 months. Some will be sooner and others later, and that is ok. Just remember, that potty training a child who doesn’t want to and isn’t ready can be maddening. For other children, medical issues like weak bladder and enuresis can complicate this process and cause more accidents.

Another important note is that all children will experience accidents while learning to make the transition from disposable or even the best reusable diapers to underwear. Things that may contribute to an increase in accidents can be changes in routines that lead to them being off their normal schedule and/or out of their typical surroundings. 

Fears can be another player in accident frequency. New bathrooms and toilets can be scary, especially the loud ones with automatic flushing. We’ve all had those moments when those toilets have flushed early. Now imagine being a little one who may be used to their tiny training potty or at least being in control of the flushing. These kinds of fears can cause kids to avoid using the toilet, and that can mean accidents.

When your child has an accident, whatever you do, do not react in anger or with negative language. Calmly acknowledge the situation and usher your child to get changed. Reassure them that this is part of the process and encourage them to keep working on it. Being your child’s cheerleader is especially important if potty training is complicated by medical issues like Enuresis. Setting a schedule to take your kiddo to the bathroom can also help. Oftentimes, children get absorbed in what they are doing and forget to tell you they need to go. 

You can also help prevent accidents by pointing out all the bathrooms when you are out and about and sticking to regular restroom stops when on the go, even if your kiddo says they do not have to go.

No matter what, being prepared for accidents with a change of clothes and incontinence products like the leak control underwear offered by Tony and Ava can help you navigate this process and look forward to many dry days ahead.

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