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What is Hipster Underwear?

Women’s underwear has indeed come a long way. In its “dark stages,” ancient Egyptian women (and men) wore triangular loincloths. This eventually gave way to restrictive Renaissance corsets and the uncomfortable petticoats and unflattering pantaloons of the 1800s. Fortunately, the 1900s gave rise to “less cloth-consuming” and comfier underwear such as bikini briefs. And today, we have…drumroll please…hipster underwear! 

So what is hipster underwear? If you’re shopping for a fresh batch of undies, you’re looking at the right blog! Dig in to find out all there is to know about hipster underwear, and discover why wearing them is a must for the smart and stylish crowd.

What are hipster panties?

Gone are the days when one had to choose between function and form. Now, you can be both chic and comfy with hipster underwear! Hipster-style underwear combines the sexiness of a bikini, the snugness of briefs at the waist, and the free and easy movement of boyshorts. They’re typically described as low-rise panties with a waistband that rests on the hips (thus, the name), while the leg openings resemble bikinis. The hipster style also offers a bit more coverage in the front and back without making you feel dowdy.

Why is it hip to wear hipster underwear? 

Multiple generations enjoy wearing hipster panties for a reason (several, in fact!). Here are a couple of advantages and reasons why these cool undies aren’t leaving our underwear drawers anytime soon: 

1. They flatter all shapes and sizes. 

Whether you have a long or shorter torso, low-rise hipsters can help you elongate your midsection. Ditch the higher-waisted bottoms because they tend to do the opposite. 

2. They are appropriate at any age.

Both the older generations and the younger crowds appreciate hipster panties for different reasons. Middle-aged women appreciate that these undies allow them some semblance of modesty. On the other hand, millennials love the sporty look that hipsters can deliver.

3. They provide ample coverage. 

Because hipster undies have a bit more fabric than their bikini cousins, they can give much more coverage. This allows women to feel more secure and protected.

4. They look stylish.

Hipster styles stay classic and yet trendy at the same time. 

5. They’re super versatile.

Their snug and discreet fit makes them comfy for wearing in bed, while working out at the gym, or even under a slip dress for a sexy night out. 

6. Their low-rise style complements low-rise bottoms.

Just imagine your undies sticking out from under your jeans! What a style dampener, right?! It’s great that hipsters sit at the hips instead of at the waistline, making them the perfect underwear for low-rise bottoms.

Woman wearing Ruby Love Period Hipster Underwear in Slate.

Types of hipster underwear 

Hipsters come in a variety of materials and styles. The list below includes the most popular hipster underwear.

1. Seamless hipster undies

VPLs are unsightly panty lines under bum coverings—which can be, well, a bummer. They’re usually evident when you wear tighter or fitted pants or skirts. It’s a good thing seamless hipster panties were invented to get rid of the bulky seams and edges. These hipsters come in a rainbow of colors to remain invisible under your outfit. For instance, Ruby Love’s Period Underwear Hipster in Latte or Nude works perfectly with your low-rise leggings, skirts, and even your slinky dresses! In addition, they offer 2.5 tampons’ worth of absorbency in an ultra-thin design, making them great any time of the month.

2. Microfiber hipsters

Microfiber is made of synthetic material from polyester and polyamide (or nylon). Its durable quality makes it ideal for cleaning items such as mops and dust cloths. But it is also used to manufacture more delicate clothing such as bra cups and hipsters. Microfiber hipsters are odor-resistant so that you won’t get smelly even after a heavy workout. However, some find them less breathable or absorbent than other materials, like cotton.

3. Lacy hipster panties

Mix sugar and spice, and what do you get? Lacy hipsters, of course! Made with the sweet delicacy of lace over satin or silk coupled with a mischievously boyish cut, these undies can boost your score on the sexy meter. And thanks to their ample coverage, you can still feel secure. 

4. Cotton hipster underwear 

Cotton is the king of the ring when it comes to superior comfort and absorbency in underwear. Cotton hipsters are therefore uber soft, breathable, and lightweight, like Ruby Love hipster undies. For example, the Ruby Love Women’s Period Underwear – Hipster in fierce Leopard or darling Ruby Heart features a discreet, built-in absorbent organic cotton liner angled just right to collect your flow. You can wear them with or without a tampon or menstrual cup.

Ruby Love Teen Period Underwear Hipster Bundle (7 pcs.)

Finding the perfect pair of hipster panties 

Raring to head out your door and shop your heart out for hipster underwear? Then check out these essential tips that will help you land the perfect pair (or pairs!):

1. Be confident when you shop.

You know the best look that will go amazingly well with your body. Fortunately, hipster undies love all body types, so it’s easy to go from there and find one in your favorite color and style. 

2. Choose basics and “not-so-basic” styles so you have lots of options. 

For instance, cotton hipsters are great for some chill me-time at home. In contrast, lacy hipster panties can make you feel “extra” on date night.

3. Know your measurements so you can get the right size. 

They’ll ride up if they’re too small or a tad too large. One size below or above can spell a world of difference in how you feel and look. 

4. Shop in sets to score some savings. 

For instance, Ruby Love Period Underwear can help you save some precious cash with the Teen Period Underwear (Hipster) Bundle of 7 pieces. At the same time, they can hold stains with their built-in maximum period protection. With this super bundle of hipster panties, your teen can feel confident at school and out with friends every day of her period.

5. Trust only the best underwear company. 

Ruby Love is a period apparel company rooted in the belief that periods should never stop women from doing, being, and going. Our Dr-Tech Mesh technology is unlike any other, ensuring a stop to all front, back, and side leaks. That’s why our Ruby Love Period Underwear – Hipster in delicious styles and colors like Plum, Chocolate Opal, and Blueberry Stripe is 100% leak-proof for complete peace of mind. So if you’re serious about period underwear that you deserve, shop the Ruby Love period underwear collection today.

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