What Are Skincare Toners and Why Do I Need Them?

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What Are Skincare Toners and Why Do I Need Them?

Toners, Astringents, essences … What are these liquid potions and how badly do we need them? Well, let’s get into it. If you asked me (an esthetician) the difference between them is that a toner is full of hydrating, soothing ingredients, Astringents help purge oily and acne prone skin, and essence is basically a nonsensical marketing term invented to confuse you. 

So why do you need it? let’s be real, I wouldn’t call it the #1 most crucial product on your vanity, but I love these liquids for prepping your skin and delivering fast results. If you have dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin, a toner can provide immediate relief from that tight, uncomfortable feeling right after shower or cleanse your face. The liquid formula penetrates every pore fully and generously. You don’t need to massage it, just soak a cotton pad and glide over your face, neck, chest and ears, yes ears, they need some good hydration once in a while. For the most part, you should follow toner with your go-to serum about a minute later, and it’ll make your application smoother, faster and more even. 

If you have sensitive skin and you use vitamin C, applying a toner beforehand will be a game changer, as it’ll cancel out Vitamin C’s drying and irritating side effects. If you are using a Hyaluronic Acid serum, it is recommended that you apply it onto damp skin for ultimate effectiveness. Toner is also excellent at cleaning up any leftover grime, make up or soap residue that may be hanging on your skin after you cleanse. Depending on the ingredients, toner can be a much better solution than cleansing your skin twice. If you have sensitive or dry skin, do not wash your face in the morning if you did a thorough job at night. Yes, you read that right. Over cleansing your face will cause you to disrupt the acid mantle of your skin and cause more damage than benefits. Instead, just splash your face with room temperature water and use your toner! Proceed with your daytime skincare routine as usual.

If you have oily, congested, or acne prone skin, an astringent toner can really show you some skinmenship (clearly made up word). if your skin type belongs to one of those categories, once you use a good magic elixir, you will never go back. After cleansing at night your astringent will get rid of any residual oil and dirt. Depending on the ingredients, it’ll start reducing the P bacteria in your skin which is responsible for breakouts. For oily skin types, I recommend using gauze squares instead of the usual cotton as their mild abrasive nature is great for skin congestion. In the morning after washing your face, reapply your astringent as they work better the more you use them. Wipe your face after working out, as this is a major cause of congestion. For very oily skin, astringents can also sub out your daily moisturizer. As long as you’ve got a good cleanser and a good hydrating astringent, you’re going to be well off. Balancing ingredients in a formula is everything!



Good luck on your toner journey, like I mentioned before, it’s not a crucial absolute 911, but implementing toners into your skincare routine will likely deliver results. Want to snag some of our own toners? Here’s some tips on how to maximize use 

Replenishing Toner:

  • Pour small amount in the spray bottle and take it on a plane for occasional spritz of much needed hydration
  • Use it all over your body instead of body lotion. This super hydration will not leave any residue behind
  • Mix it into your mask if it’s little drier than you like

Rebalancing Toner:

  • Use it throughout the day for oil and pore size control.
  • Use it as a mask. Pack your whole face with gauze soaked in this toner
  • Mix into your mask to reconstitute

Enjoy the unexpected results!

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