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Virgins: You CAN use a Menstrual Cup

Frequently Asked Questions by Virgins – ANSWERED!

In this article, I’m going to cover a few frequently asked menstrual cup questions (by virgins) I’ve come across while writing and researching all things period related. The issues that I’m going to touch on involve menstrual cups, the hymen, virginity, and vaginal stretching. It surprises me that it’s 2019, and there are STILL so many misconceptions surrounding intravaginal period control and virginity. Read on to see what I’ve learned in my studies.

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First Things First – What’s the Hymen?

The hymen is a very thin and fragile membrane that surrounds the vaginal opening. The hymen can come in many shapes and sizes, and some women aren’t even born with one. Furthermore, a normal hymen does not entirely cover the vaginal opening; if it did, there would be no way for menstrual blood to escape.

A lot of people still believe that the presence (or not) of the hymen is the telltale indicator of virginity. That is just not true. Unfortunately, many religious cultures place so much emphasis on the presence of such an unimportant part of a woman’s body.

What’s the age Limit for Using a Menstrual Cup?

The title of this section is a little misleading, but I’ve seen this question asked A LOT. There are no age limits for using a menstrual cup. You may use one as soon as you get your first period as long as you are comfortable with insertion. Although, if you’re a virgin, it may be a little harder to relax and get menstrual cup insertion right the first time.

The vaginal opening is actually smaller than the rest of the vaginal canal. Just relax. Once you get past the first part of insertion, your body WILL accept and assimilate to the use of a menstrual cup. You may even find that you can’t feel it at all, once appropriately inserted.

Using a Cup – am I Still a Virgin?

Many things besides sex, can “break” your hymen, these include:

  • Biking
  • Riding a Horse
  • Masturbating
  • Strenuous Physical Activity
  • Gymnastics

There are other factors as well that can affect the presence of a woman’s hymen. As a girl grows, the hymen can get thinner and thinner until it dissipates all on its own. Think of this membrane as a tiny piece of latex that is situated directly inside your vaginal canal – about 1-2 centimeters in.

Your hymen is fragile. Its presence (or absence) is not the tell-all indicator of your virginity – only abstinence from sex is. A virgin is someone who hasn’t had sexual intercourse; a menstrual cup will NOT take your virginity.

Sizing – Will my Vagina Stretch?

Your vagina is built to push out a baby, and then eventually go back to normal. The muscles that form your vaginal wall are going to be the same unless you have had a baby recently. Something as small as a menstrual cup is absolutely not going to stretch out your vagina.

Vaginas have the capability to widen and stretch to conform to commodities like menstrual cups and tampons, and once removed, the vagina will return to its constricted and tauten state. Vaginas are contrived of muscle tissue; it’s not like a hair tie. It doesn’t “stretch out.”

The size of a menstrual cup isn’t linked to vagina size – but the volume of your flow.

Religious Views and Menstrual cup Use

Likened to masturbation, using menstrual cups is considered sinful and is opposed in many cultures around the globe. Moreover, it’s still forbidden in various Christian sects and many faithfully religious Muslim and Jewish homes. This is because they are seen as taboo and are thought to be linked to taking a girl’s virginity. As mentioned in the above paragraphs – a menstrual cup cannot actually take your virginity; only having intercourse will.

Almost all forms of religion view a woman on her menses as unclean. Even some types of Christianity will barre a woman from the church if she is on her cycle. To be sure this is unfair but very common. Many cultures say that the washing away of menstrual blood is the proper way to become “clean,” and a menstrual cup can be the easiest and most effective way to do this.

There are so many other topics surrounding the use of menstrual cups. The concept of virginity seemed to be the most taboo, and I hope to have cleared up some misconceptions. If you’re thinking about trying one, do it for you, not for what others will think of you.

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