Tips On Throwing An Inclusive and Successful Sleepover

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Tips On Throwing An Inclusive and Successful Sleepover

Some of the best memories made in childhood happen at sleepovers, and they can be amazing experiences. However, worrying about having an accident at night can keep some kids from wanting to attend, so in this blog, we’re giving you some tips and tricks on how to have an inclusive sleepover party that everyone can enjoy. 

Preparation Is Key 

Party preparation means more than just buying the right snacks, ordering pizza, and finding fun and appropriate movie; it means considering where other children are at in their development. If you want an inclusive sleepover for kids, you should be prepared with all the necessary items for their age group, particularly toilet training underwear!  While some take to potty training with ease, others struggle with bed-wetting for years. Purchasing extra toddler potty training underwear, pull-ups, absorbent underwear, or the like is always a good idea. The worst that could happen is you don’t use them, which is no big deal, but if you need them and you don’t have enough, things can get stressful fast.  

Tell Parents To Pack Extras 

Parents should pack wipes and an extra change of clothes for their child, just in case an accident happens. While Tony and Ava offer leak-proof Potty Training Underwear, some kids won’t have that, and if they do struggle with nighttime incontinence you, as the host, may need to help them change their clothes. 

Pro Tip: Be discrete, not all children care but some won’t want their friends to know. 

BYOSB: Bring Your Own Sleeping Bag 

A great way to ensure the night goes off without a hitch is to have all the kids who are sleeping over bring their own sleeping bags. That way, if a child does have an accident, they won’t have to feel embarrassed and no one will even have to know! An added bonus is that if a child does have an accident, it will be contained within the sleeping bag and therefore much easier to clean up! 

Communicate With The Other Kids’ Parents

When sending your invasion or Evite, talk with the children’s parents. Ask questions about where their child is at, and offer to support the child if an accident happens. Parents can then offer insight into their own child’s state of mind, if it’s a common occurrence, or if they’re worried about it. 

Plan Accordingly 

If you want to try to minimize accidents, you should plan accordingly. This means probably steer clear of the drinks just before bedtime. Instead, plan a meal in the early evening, followed by a movie, bedtime routines like brushing teeth, and story-time. Not only does this help with nighttime accidents, but it will soothe the kids who may not be as used to having sleepovers, as children are unconsciously comforted by routine. (Hey, just because you plan a routine doesn’t mean it can’t be loads of fun!)

Consider What You’re Serving! 

To have an amazing sleepover, you’ll want to offer fun foods and special drinks but be advised that many drinks contain caffeine, and for bedwetters, that can exacerbate the issue. Certain sodas like Coke should be avoided as well as more surprising choices like hot chocolate. Before you go shopping for the sleepover supplies, Google if the drinks you’re planning to offer contain caffeine, and forgo buying them. Salty foods like chips can make our bodies retain fluid, which can make bedwetting more common. Of course, you may still want to offer popcorn for the movie, or chips with the meal, but limit the amount to help those struggling with incontinence. 

Pro Tip: You may think that it’s fine if some kids have soda and chips and others have juice and pretzels, but this generally ends in hurt feelings. Oftentimes, it’s better to get one thing for everyone so no one feels excluded or singled out.  

Remind Everyone To Use The Bathroom Once More Before Bed 

We all remember sleepovers from our youth, and one of the best parts of the night is laying in your sleeping bag talking and laughing. After the children have been laying in bed for a certain amount of time, remind the guests to use the restroom once more to empty their bladders completely before falling asleep. 

Now You Can Plan The Fun!

Whether it be watching a great movie, making smores by the fire, or having a living room dance party, your sleepover is sure to be a hit now that we have covered all the ways to help kids feel safe when sleeping over. 

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