These 4 Zodiac Signs Are the Best Kissers & Their Lips Are Made of Magic

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These 4 Zodiac Signs Are the Best Kissers & Their Lips Are Made of Magic

There’s nothing worse than locking lips with someone who has no idea what they’re doing. Kissing should leave you breathless, enchanted, and willing to do anything for just one more. And between you and I, there are four zodiac signs that make the best kissers every single time.

It’s hard to describe what makes someone a good kisser, but you definitely know when someone is a bad kisser. Perhaps they come on strong and slobber all over you. Maybe their tongue is nothing but a limp fish. But if you smooch someone you share chemistry with, you can almost taste their essence on your lips and feel their soul flowing through your mouth. Kissing is a dance that moves back and forth in a steady flow, and as each partner adds something to the rhythm, it becomes that much harder to stop.

While any zodiac sign can be good at kissing, there are four in particular who never fail to stop you in your tracks. And if you have personal placements in Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, or Pisces, then you know you’ve got make-out game. And if kissing is an art form, you know you’re creating a masterpiece every single time you pucker up. What makes them so good at kissing, you ask? Well, it’s a combination of efforts. It may have to do with their empathy and sensitivity; that they understand exactly what their partner needs. It may be their highly carnal, yet irresistible intuition that deepens a lip-to-lip connection. It might just be that they’re hot AF. No matter the reason, you know you’re not saying no to a second date.

These 4 Zodiac Signs Are the Best Kissers

Do you always leave your lovers yearning for more? Do your exes always end up missing you and wanting you back? Here’s the four zodiac signs who are always the best kissers:

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