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The Favourites: 2022 Top Picks
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The Beauty Press has shown WUKA lots of love this year. Check out this list of our most celebrated period products in 2022.

What are WUKA Period Pants?

Certified vegan, responsibly and ethically sourced, carbon neutral and awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development, WUKA period pants are a long-lasting, reusable alternative rated 5* by millions worldwide. Impressively, just one pair of WUKA period pants can save 200 single-use plastic-riddled disposables from going to landfills or polluting our oceans. As a true advocate for body positivity and inclusion, WUKA has the UK’s largest collection of styles, sizes (XXS – 6XL) and flows to suit all periods. WUKA’S aim is for nothing to hold you back on your period and help you Wake Up and Kick Ass every day.

WUKA’S most celebrated period products: 

Ultimate period pants

WUKA Ultimate Midi Brief Period Pants

Crowned as the best period pants by Glamour and Expert Reviews, the WUKA Ultimate Midi Brief period pants, are the perfect go to when you’re on your period. The midi brief style gives full coverage at the back without feeling bulky. The sustainable Tencel™ fabric gives a super soft feel to these period pants but also looks after the planet too. Glamour also recommends the WUKA Ultimate™ High Waist Super Heavy Flow for heavy period days. These beauties absorb around 12 tampons worth of blood and the high waist design provides comfort and security. 

The Period Swimsuit 

WUKA Period Swimsuit

The WUKA Period Swimsuit has received so much support, being given the title of ‘the best’ by so many, including Stylist ,the Mirror and Glamour. Metro named it as here to save the day! Made for your light to medium flow days, the WUKA Period Swimsuit is the perfect period-proof one-piece you can wear to the pool, the sea or even the spa, without the need for pads or tampons. The WUKA Period Swimsuit features a cute diamond back cut, provides modest coverage for your bum and is figure flattering for all body types. Our Period Swimsuit feels just like regular swimwear but has an ultra absorbent liner, protecting you from period leaks. It’s sleek style and design lets you move through the water with less resistance even when your period is dragging you down.  

“It’s revolutionary for women and I wish younger me could give this a try.” – Habiba Katsha, Huffington Post

Whether I’m due on or part-way through my cycle, this swimsuit will definitely help me to swim more often – and more freely.” – Amy Beecham, Stylist

The WUKA Swim Bikini Brief is lightweight and boasts a high leg cut, meaning that you could wear it on its own or under your favourite swimwear. As said by My London, the WUKA Swim Bikini Brief is a travel essential, so if you are going on holiday, pack a pair for no period hassle in the pool!

“I was really surprised by how comfortable these were and how much more relaxed I felt by the pool wearing them – I didn’t realise how subconsciously stressed I was about leaks until I put on briefs that meant they weren’t an issue anymore.” – Narin Flanders, My London

All WUKA swimwear is made from Tencel™ fabric, an eco-friendly material that gives a soft feel. Also, WUKA swimwear is anti-chlorine treated, provides UV50+ protection and is water-repellent. With WUKA swimwear, you can swim freely and with confidence. Read our guide on period swimwear here.

WUKA Period Bikini Briefs

WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle

WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle

As said by Glamour, the WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle is the best hot water bottle for period cramps. It simply can be tied to where you need it to be–  efficiently targeting the painful area and allowing you to walk around! The WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle has a MegaCozy Fleece cover and a pocket ideal for your hands or phone. It’s long and strong, perfect for those cold nights, chilly winter walks and giving those cosy feels. Goodbye period pain!

WUKA Multi-Size period pants 

WUKA Stretch Period Pants

“Catering to the majority of the British menstruating population, Stretch is the perfect solution to minimise stock volume and eliminate guesswork on orders.” – Underlines 

At WUKA, we have many different styles, sizes and flow options but as the trailblazers that we are, we also created the world’s first multi-size period pants. Yes, you heard that right. WUKA Stretch™ period pants, use Microfiber technology, to fit up to four whole sizes, comfortably moulding to the wearer’s body shape – and they’re seamless! Another fantastic option is WUKA Flex, which is crowned by the Mirror as the best adjustable period pants. WUKA Flex, has handy adjustable straps that allows the wearer to change the size of the pants to up to four sizes difference with ease. WUKA Flex Detachable allows you to unclip the straps and swap your period pants! Our multi-size period pants are especially great for anyone who experiences bloating during their period, or painful cramps that seem to worsen with tight or inflexible pants. WUKA Stretch and Flex sizing is easy, choose either, Size one (XS-L) or Size two (XL- 4XL). Learn more about why we created WUKA Stretch here.

 WUKA Perform Collection

On the Evening Standard’s best period proof activewear list, this WUKA Perform collection is your best friend when working out on your period. The Perform collection is there to securely lock in your sweat, light incontinence and of course period blood!  

Titled as the best overall period leggings for activity by the Mirror, WUKA Perform Period leggings are ideal for moving about on your period, whether it’s some calm yoga, a winter walk or weight lifting. They are squat proof and directly absorb your period (around 2-3 tampons worth!) letting you focus on your workout.  

If you fancy working out in shorts, use WUKA Period Sports Shorts because well, they are the best! The Independent loves our Perform Seamless Midi Brief period pants, calling them the best overall period pants. With these specially designed period pants you’ll get No VPL, only support and protection during your workout!

WUKA Period Leggings

Shop these products: 




WUKA period pants are designed for you to bleed into during your period. They feature a highly absorbent gusset, made up of many layers. This gusset is designed to hold period blood, locking it away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable. Wear them for up to 4 hours depending on your flow, then wash and re-use. 


WUKA period pants use ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials. The material differs depending on the type of period pants. WUKA uses sustainable Tencel Modal, Recycled Nylon and Premium Organic Cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. 


Absolutely! You can move about freely in any WUKA period pants. However, WUKA’S Perform collection is designed specifically for exercising on your period. The collection boasts period wear such as a swimsuit, leggings, shorts or seamless sport period pants.

How do I know which size I should buy?

Use this size guide to determine which size is the best for you to buy. 


WUKA pants come in Light, Medium, Heavy or Super Heavy Flow. Find out more about which flow to choose here


WUKA Stretch period pants are made from super soft Microfibre, with our patented Stretch Technology – engineered to retain its stretch, expand or contract depending on your unique shape.


WUKA Stretch are available in Seamless High Waist or Seamless Midi Brief, fitting UK size 6-22. The high waist style is great for feeling comfy and supported when you’re bloated and great for overnight too. The Midi Brief is also perfect for providing support and comfort when you need it most, ideal for everyday.

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