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The Best Nail Art Ever Seen

1. The Little Mermaid

Image Source / standouttruck.com

How amazing are these?! In the style of the 1989 cartoon version, these hand painted nails truly are a masterpiece! Just look at the detail. Personally, my favorite part is little Sebastian under the moon and tree. I’d be scared to damage them though!

2. Spider-Man

Image Source / etsy.com

I just love these. I don’t know which part is more impressive, each nail is so cool. They must have taken hours to do but the end product was most definitely worth it. I’m sure these would be a hit with my nephew. I might request them on my next trip to the salon.

3. Saw

Image Source / standouttruck.com

One for the gothic girlies out there. These awesome horror themed nails are perfect for Halloween! Or, any other time of the year if you’re that way inclined! They’re impressive for sure, but also fairly gruesome when you look at them more closely.

4. Starry Night

Image Source / reddit.com

Now, these are a work of art. Doing this on paper would be a huge challenge. But on nails, with a tiny brush? Simply amazing. I’m pretty sure Van Gogh himself would have been impressed by these, if not a little intimidated by the talent and competition!

5. Psychedelic

Image Source / boredpanda.com

These trippy, psychedelic nails get even more cool the longer you look at them. The starry detail of the backgrounds is super talented. These nails would be perfect to show off at a festival. It’s hard to decide which nail is my favorite, what about you?

6. The Powerpuff Girls

Image Source /  instagram.com/nailpromagazine

I don’t know what I’m more impressed by, the incredible nail art and talent of the nail tech, or the client’s ability to rock these insanely long nails! If it were me, these would be snapped within minutes. Saying that, when your nails look as awesome as this it’s only fair to look after them.

7. Cats

Image Source / boredpanda.com

Any cat lovers out there? Maybe take these along as nail inspo on your next salon visit! No matter what life throws at you, how sad can you be when you have dozens of little cats looking up at you from your nails? I really love the use of color here too!

8. Donald and Daisy Duck

Image Source /  instagram.com/nailpromagazine

How adorable is this set!! Ideal for Valentines Day, but they could definitely be rocked all year round. Again, the length is astonishing but it’s needed to fit in the amazing detail of Donald and Daisy Duck. Not to mention the beautiful little hearts and clouds.

9. SpongeBob and Patrick

Image Source / boredpanda.com

These are absolutely brilliant. It’s the facial expressions for me. SpongeBob and Patrick have got to be two of the most loved characters in cartoon history. I’m glad they included SpongeBob’s Krusty Krab hat. And how cute is that little jellyfish?

10. Fall Trees

Image Source / boredpanda.com

I think these have probably got to be up there with one of the most impressive pieces of nail art. They’re so peaceful to look at, they’d be sure to ground you and calm you down when you needed it! The tiny branches and birds are a real example of great talent.

11. Super Mario

Image Source /  instagram.com/nailpromagazine

It’s-a me, Mario! Mario and friends look great here on the sparkly gold backdrop. My favorite is the little ghost, although they’re very irritating whilst you’re trying to find your way around Bowser’s castle! Each character looks just like they do in the game!

12. Anime

Image Source /  instagram.com/nailpromagazine

I know there are a lot of Anime lovers out there who would absolutely adore these nails. And rightly so, they’re incredible. Even the little moons and stars are perfectly on theme. The artist captured the style and definitely made this set into a masterpiece.

13. Horror

Image Source / boredpanda.com

Here’s another horror set! Slightly less gory but still just as horrifying, in a good way that is. Even the shape of these nails are on point, if you pardon the pun. They’re filed into a sharp, gothic style. I bet they’re great when you’ve got an itchy back. Although, I wouldn’t like to look at them in the dark…

14. Baby Yoda

Image Source /  instagram.com/nailpromagazine

Aww, who doesn’t love baby Yoda? He’s simply adorable here looking all snuggled up. He gets pride of place there, right in the middle of the hand. The other nails are super impressive, too. I love the contrasting black detail full of sparkle and stars.

15. Snack Attack

Image Source / spoonuniversity.com

I’m not sure about these, you’d always feel hungry! How amazing and realistic is this set, though? The colors have been nailed perfectly and they all look just like the real thing! There’s so much going on, they’re certainly a crazy set and I’m here for it!

16. Harry Potter

Image Source / boredpanda.com

Are you a Harry Potter geek like me? I hope so, because then you can appreciate these as much as I do. Here’s Harry, successfully blasting out his stag patronus. All of this is amazing! Plus, a patronus uses happiness to ward off the soul-sucking dementors. And I feel like we could all use a little bit of that in our lives, in our own way.

17. Gucci

Image Source / nailholiday.com

These are a set for the super stylish, glam girl. If you can have designer nails, why not get them! These look classy and clean whilst still being full of impressive color and design. I like how the little fingers are different, too. There’s a lot of detail.

18. Christmas Reindeer

Image Source /  instagram.com/nailpromagazine 

I have to say it, I’m not entirely sure how practical these are. But, they look amazing, right? I’m just saying, I can’t imagine trying to shower when you’ve got antlers on the ends of your fingers. You can’t deny that the detail is impressive, though. Have you spotted Santa?

19. Toy Story

Image Source /  instagram.com/nailpromagazine 

This set is super cute. Each nail that you look at is adorable and impressive. Those little clouds on the pinky fingers must have been pretty difficult to draw so neatly. And look at the bubble effect on the thumb! This set must have taken a lot of patience.

20. Charlie Brown and Snoopy

Image Source /  instagram.com/nailpromagazine 

I absolutely adore this set. Charlie Brown and Snoopy just look so adorable! They look just like they do on TV and their little Christmas tree is almost as cute as they are. These are the perfect set for a cosy winter. That’s if you can manage the length of these!

21. Cardi B

Image Source / pinterest.com

I hope Cardi B herself has seen these nails, I’m sure she’d love them! If you’re a Cardi fan, these are for you! This set brings sass, style and pure talent, just like she does. The portraits are definitely beyond amazing and I love the red-bottomed heel.

22. Rick and Morty

Image Source / pinterest.com

These are probably one of my favorites. I might be biased, because I do love a bit of Rick and Morty. If you do too, then I’m sure you will be impressed by these! The color scheme, the facial expressions and detail is all absolutely on point. 10/10!

23. Cartoon

Image Source / maytheray.com

You’ve probably seen the cartoon trend. People have been making cartoon style cakes, but how cool are these cartoon style nails? They honestly do not look real! This set would be a great way to really channel your inner Barbie doll. They look like they take talent to do, but I’m sure your nail tech could give them a go!

24. Scooby Doo

Image Source / pinterest.com

I’m convinced that everybody loves Scooby-Doo. How can you not? This vibrant set is full of energy and it’s incredible! The tie dye detail is astonishingly good. And just look at the portraits of Scooby and Shaggy! They even perfectly captured Shaggy’s wispy beard.

25. U.S.A

Image Source / askideas.com

These patriotic nails are a work of art. You can tell that these were definitely hand painted, so how they managed to draw the Statue of Liberty so well is a huge credit to them! This set proves that shorter nails can still be just as impressive, and super cute!

26. Corpse Bride

Image Source / reddit.com

These nails could be appropriate for Halloween, Valentines Day or during winter! Tim Burton’s characters always have that gaunt look about them. This nail tech captured that perfectly, they definitely understood the assignment. There’s so much talent to be seen here!

27. Trippy Flowers

Image Source /  instagram.com/nailpromagazine 

Ok, I think these are my new favorites. I wish I could pull these off. I love the magical, fantasy, woodland theme going on here. All the little creatures are just so pretty! Whoever designed and painted these nails deserves some kind of art award, in my opinion.

28. Skulls

Image Source /  instagram.com/nailpromagazine 

A truly impressive gothic set. The 3D aspect of these skulls are what makes these nails particularly amazing. It looks like a little bit of glitter has been used for the eyes and it works perfectly. The use of the matte black is super effective, too.

29. Fall Mickey Disney

Image Source /  instagram.com/nailpromagazine 

This adorable, Disney themed fall set have the perfect color scheme for the season. I love Winnie the Pooh’s little scarf and his happy face. Even the leaves are in theme. This set actually makes me get excited for crisp fall walks and cosy evenings!

30. Airbrushed Pink

Image Source /  instagram.com/nailpromagazine 

How cool is this unique, artsy design? These nails are super girly but with an undeniable edge to them. The detail is astonishing and I’m sure they probably took a super long time to do. The contrast of the colors mix perfectly together to give this amazing airbrush finish.

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