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The Art of The Eye Cream

CONFESSION…For years, I dismissed all the eye creams I encountered as nothing more than face moisturizers with slightly different marketing. The exception, I realized, were the traditional eye creams made by small brands in my home country. These had an amazing texture and always kept my eye area moist and soft. Upon closer inspection, I discovered these eye creams shared several unique ingredients: Honey, Glycerin and Ginseng!

As an esthetician and ingredient geek, this made perfect sense to me. Honey and glycerin are among the best humectants, both proven to continuously pull moisture from the air drawing it to your delicate eye area. Honey and ginseng are also known to be naturally firming and loaded with beneficial minerals and antioxidants. 

I wanted a treatment that combined these traditional ingredients with clinically-proven cosmeceuticals. But formulating an eye cream is incredibly difficult—that is, if you want your eye cream to actually work. I spent months researching, and as I was falling asleep one night, I had an epiphany! I saw the combination of ingredients dancing in my head in perfect synergy. I called my chemist the next morning at 6:00 am.

With his brilliant scientific mind and my first-hand knowledge of how skin works and what clients want in an eye cream, we created “the only eye cream you will ever need.” 



The Eye Cream has just the right ratio of humectants (honey and sodium hyaluronate), collagen-building peptides and eye brightening cosmeceuticals, including Niacinimide, Siberian Ginseng and European Ash Tree extract. This unique botanical extract helps improve circulation in the superficial vessels below your eyes. When you’re tired, these vessels can become congested which leads to fluid buildup (aka puffiness) and pooled blood (aka dark circles). We also added Squalene and Ceramides to strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier and seal in that hard-earned hydration. This helps plump and smooth out the look of fine lines too. 

The chef’s kiss: I had to make sure The Eye Cream performed in the treatment room. A lot of skincare products made in boardrooms look good on paper (they’ve got all the buzzwords and marketing hype) but they don’t work well on actual skin. Thankfully, The Eye Cream has been thoroughly tested and approved by my A-list clients. In fact, its unique texture works under makeup as a primer, on top of makeup for instant illumination and on lips to deep condition. In other words, it works! And it’s truly the only eye cream you’ll ever need.

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