The 15 Best Men’s Winter Coats for Extreme Cold, According to an Expert

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The 15 Best Men’s Winter Coats for Extreme Cold, According to an Expert

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We’ve officially reached the time of year when even the thought going outside elicits an audible groan. Temperatures across the country are dropping—it’s currently 30 degrees in New York—and we’ve still got 10 more weeks ’til spring. While hibernating may be the only genuinely appealing activity on the schedule these next few months, for most, hunkering down and refusing to leave the house until the frost has thawed isn’t really an option (if only!). The sole way to make it slightly more bearable? By investing in one of the best men’s winter coats for extreme cold.

While it’s important to layer up during the winter months, your scarves and sweaters are only as good as the protective layer on top of them—and considering most good-quality coats are on the pricier side, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth in terms of staying toasty. We chatted with an expert to determine what to look for so that you’re adding the absolute warmest men’s winter coat to your cart. Keep scrolling to shop their top picks.

Let’s be clear: When we’re dealing with sub-zero temps, most bets on style are off. Sure, you want to feel good in your winter coat, but ultimately you’ll want to step outside feeling confident that you won’t freeze on your way to work.

“Form beats out function,” says Gab Saper, a stylist based in New York City. “Besides, you’ll be spending as little time as possible outside and take your coat off as soon as you get inside because the heat is blasting everywhere you go.”

With that in mind, she says that parkas are the best option for brutally cold weather. “They’re made of synthetics, like nylon and polyester, that are typically water resistant, and have thick linings made from down or synthetic—or some combination of both—that make them extra warm.”

Of course, that’s not to say it’s impossible to find a warm men’s winter coat that delivers on both the fashion and function fronts. “From a style perspective, I’d recommend a non-quilted parka,” says Saper. “It has a sleeker silhouette than a puffer and a more classic, timeless style. It can also be dressed up when needed. A big quilted puffer would look ridiculous with a suit, while a parka is passable.”

What to Look for in a Men’s Winter Coat for Extreme Cold, According to an Expert


1. Down

Down has long been a mainstay in warm winter coats, and its for good reason. It’s made from duck or goose feathers, and is effective at trapping heat to create insulation.

2. Synthetic insulation

If the idea of wearing a coat stuffed with goose feathers isn’t quite for you, synthetic insulation (like Primaloft or Thinsulate) is a great alternative. It traps warmth in the same way that down does, but is lighter weight and tends to perform better in wet conditions.

3. Goretex

What’s on the outside of your jacket is arguably even more important than what’s on the inside, as it provides the first line of defense against cold air. Goretex—or any similarly breathable, waterproof fabric—can help keep you dry from precipitation while also allowing moisture to escape.


1. Large hood

“A hood that is deep enough to stay on your head is more important than you think,” says Saper. “Some coats have hoods that are more shallow to reduce bulk but they end up falling off your head when you move, so try on a coat and walk around with it to make sure the hood stays on.”

2. High neckline or stand collar

“This is a game-changer on really cold days,” says Saper. “Even with a scarf, your neck can get cold if you have a lower neckline that lets wind through. This type of collar will block your neck and the bottom of your face from the wind.:

3. Deep, Comfortable Pockets

“It’s human instinct to put our hands in our pockets when we’re cold, so make sure yours fit comfortably in the pockets of your coat—both with and without gloves on,” says Saper. “The pockets should be deep enough that your hands fit until at least your wrist and they should be positioned in a place where your arms can hang comfortably—typically around your hip.”

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