Sydney Sweeney Wore a Pair of Fuzzy Undies Out in NYC

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Sydney Sweeney Wore a Pair of Fuzzy Undies Out in NYC

Last night, Sydney Sweeney revealed to the world that she’s definitely still a blonde after her Carly Rae-esque black bob wig. And because blondes have more fun, Sydney Sweeney’s fuzzy underwear and blazer look just make sense.

I love to see Sweeney opting for the pants-optional lifestyle. We know that the no-pants trend has taken form in so many ways, from exposed thongs to boxers to briefs, and honestly I love to see one of the hottest girls in Hollywood not letting up. Sweeney wore her hair in a polished updo. She wore an oversized taupe blazer and a high-neck gray top with her fuzzy briefs. She had a stone -colored drawstring bucket bag, small oval sunnies, some knee-high hosiery, and pointed-toe high heels for accessories.

Sydney Sweeney is seen in Gramercy on May 08, 2024 in New York City.

Sydney Sweeney has worn this look earlier this season too. Back during fashion month, Sweeney was seen wearing a pair of white Miu Miu briefs very similar to these. We love to see that she’s returning to the look.

The no pants trend has been one of the most talked about things in fashion since the new year. Last summer, we’ve seen a budding trend of women wearing boxers as normal outside shorts. In February, Marc Jacobs sent exaggerated velour briefs down the runway. This, to me, shares threads with fans bedazzling their own bodysuits for the Eras Tour, the rise of frilly bloomers, and coquette fashion.

There are other ways to wear your drawers out if going full briefs isn’t quite for you. I talked to celeb stylists Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo for a story about Coachella, and they think summer will see a lot of bloomers, boxers, and exposed underwear in general, whether that be exposed above the waist of your jeans or full-on out. Aside from Sydney Sweeney, other celebs like Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry, and more have been wearing their fineries out this since this spring.

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