Swimming On Your Period: 8 Hacks and How-tos

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Swimming On Your Period: 8 Hacks and How-tos

Swimming is a fantastic sport that offers loads of benefits. People engage in the sport because of different reasons. Some do so to achieve their fitness goals, such as maintaining a healthy weight or building muscle strength and endurance. Others also swim to shape and tone their bodies, while many simply love being in the water and delighting in aquatic activities. Some even find it a great way to socialize and meet new friends. Whatever your motivation is, whether it’s something you do for recreation, stay in the pink of health, or win medals at athletic meets, swimming is one activity that sure can tick a lot of boxes. And this is why you want to be able to swim whenever you feel like it. But what if it’s that special time of the month? Should you let your period rain on your parade? Absolutely not! Keep enjoying the things you do whatever day it is with these top hacks for swimming on your period. Let’s plunge right in!

First-rate hacks for swimming on your period

Here are some of the best pointers to help keep your aquatic moves at their level best, even during your period. 

1. “Be bold” in darker-colored swimsuits. 

Don’t you feel just a tad uncomfortable wearing white with Auntie Flo around? Although swimwear in dark colors won’t make your menstrual accidents less likely to happen, doing so can help you be more comfortable and less anxious. This is because the deep or inky shades can provide the camouflage you need to keep your leaks discreet, should they happen.

However, you don’t always have to “stay in the dark” during heavy days. With stain-resistant and worry-free Ruby Love Period Swimwear, you can stay confident. For instance, you can go light in our One-Piece Period Swimwear in Rapid Waters or our Teen Period Swimwear Tank Set in Bubbles, with their built-in absorbent liners and leak-proof technology. Or you can stick to the darker-hued Period Swimwear Dress in Black Sea or One-Shoulder Period Swimwear in Sage, which can hold up to three tampons’ worth of protection. 

2. Indulge in “PMS-protective” food.

Eating healthy is a no-brainer whether you’re on your period or not. But when you want to go for a swim when the crimson tide rises, you’ll want to level up your body’s defense against the usual PMS pack of bloating and cramps. Even if you may not totally do away with the whole lot, you can minimize menstrual pain and discomfort with the right nutrition. For example, eating vegetarian or having an antioxidant-rich and plant-based diet can decrease inflammation

Also, the high fiber in veggies can soak up and help prevent the re-absorption of estrogen in your system. Although estrogen levels rise and fall during the normal menstrual process, your liver naturally pulls in some of it into your bloodstream, increasing your estrogen supply and possibly worsening your period symptoms. 

Thus, choose high-fiber foods like broccoli, spinach, Swiss chard, and Brussel sprouts to fight menstrual pain on your red-letter days.

3. Ease off with pain relievers.

Sometimes, period pain can be a literal pain in the neck (or elsewhere). In such cases, you may want to take pain relief medication to beat your menstrual aches. Take meds that won’t give you stomach trouble like Acetaminophen or make you feel drowsy like Ibuprofen. However, watch out for side effects. Before popping any pill, keep it safe by first consulting your doctor. 

4. Don’t forget to stretch!

It may seem counterintuitive to exercise when you’re experiencing discomfort. You may even think that you’d rather “save the pain” for when you’re already in the water (it makes the pain more worth it, right?) But doing gentle stretches can be an amazing hack for swimming on your period. Studies show that light exercises can help ease tension and reduce PMS symptoms like tender breasts and abdominal swelling. They can also boost blood circulation to deliver oxygen and essential nutrients to your tissues efficiently. This can help your cells self-repair and rejuvenate faster. 

A consistent stretching routine also provides the excellent advantage of expanding your range of motion as a swimmer. As a result, you’ll be able to enhance your strokes and swim more efficiently. 

5. Stick to your bedtime routine.

A well-rested swimmer on her period can still function optimally with good sleep hygiene. Thus, a quick swimming on your period hack is getting more quality sleep. And quality, in this case, means quantity as well. 

Getting enough Zzzs can help your body recover, heal, and destress, helping to keep diseases and other potential health problems at bay. It also allows your mind to recharge for the next day. Without proper sleep, you won’t be able to perform or take pleasure in any activity well. But the thing is, your fluctuating hormones during your monthly cycle can keep you up all night. 

An effective way to solve your sleeping woes is to keep a regular bedtime routine. Soak in a lavender-scented warm bath, pull down the drapes, and bring down the temperature. Remember to ditch your electronic gadgets an hour or so before bedtime to help your brain calm down. 

6. Go “extra.”

Consistently prepare for your most ardent monthly visitor by keeping your menstrual kit handy at all times. Including additional supplies to your stash can help you get ready for any possibility, such as leaks or a particularly heavy flow. Even if you’re wearing a tampon, you might want to replace it often, especially if you’ll be staying in the water for an extended period. Extra pads and a few extra outfits can keep you on the go, even if there’s a shift in your group’s swimming plans or a change in the weather that may hamper your schedule. Plus, there’s always that friend or team member who may need a feminine product or two. 

7. Suit up with skinsuits!

Wearing rash guards at the pool or beach isn’t uncommon. Many find them comfier because of the increased protection and fuller coverage, which makes them less self-conscious. It doesn’t hurt that this type of swimwear can look a lot more chic than your average bathing suit. So, if you’re a skinsuit kind of girl, go ahead and swim in them to your heart’s content. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for the perfect skinsuit that meets both form and function. Ruby Love’s classy Period Swimwear Skinsuit in Black Sea comes in several sexy sizes, including Plus Size, to hug your body like a glove. 

8. Be confident in period wear.

The most important in the list of hacks for swimming on your period is wearing period apparel. These cutting-edge clothes are carefully designed to care for your unique needs during your monthly cycle, such as preventing menstrual leaks and stains, absorbing blood and body fluids, and staying dry and comfortable—even as you swim. But not all period garments can do the job. This takes us to the premier brand in period swimwear: Ruby Love.

Staying the course with Ruby Love Period Swimwear  

If you’re worried that your monthly cycle can dampen your swimming moves, put your mind at ease with Ruby Love Swimwear in Bottoms, One-pieces, Two-pieces, and Skinsuits. Our period swimwear collection is designed specifically for water activity. With its built-in absorbent liner created with leak-proof technology, there won’t be any swelling in the pool, beach, or on open seas. For additional protection, wear our period swimwear with or without our Ruby Love double-sided pad, sanitary pad, tampon, or menstrual cup.

In addition to our Period Swimwear, you’ll be spoiled for choices with our Ruby Love Period Activewear and Ruby Love Athletics lines. All these feature Dri-Tech Mesh that helps stop front, side, and back leaks. With Ruby Love, nothing can stop you from doing, being, going, and of course, swimming! Shop our delicious collection today!

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