Sabrina Carpenter Is the Geek Chic Icon We All Needed

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Sabrina Carpenter Is the Geek Chic Icon We All Needed

Our favorite pop star Polly Pocket, Sabrina Carpenter, knows how to pull off any aesthetic. And after her first ever SNL appearance, Sabrina Carpenter’s geek chic outfit has us running to the optometrist’s office. We might associate Sabrina with sparkly mini dresses and platform boots, but she just proved she’s anything but predictable with this latest look.

Sabrina has become a huge icon of makeup and fashion for Gen Z. So naturally, we’re always stalking her Instagram in anticipation of her next look. While she usually sticks to her girly yet sexy style, she’s no stranger to taking risks. From wearing a micro mini skirt in Coachella winds to bringing back the endlessly intimidating side part, she is constantly ahead of the crowd. No matter what she’s wearing, we can always count on her to dictate the latest trends long before they hit our TikTok for you pages. And like all it-girls, she knows how to make geek look chic.

Photo by Gotham/GC Images.

This weekend, Sabrina Carpenter was seen arriving to SNL in an all Miu Miu ‘fit. The office siren meets Ugly Betty look consisted of tortoise shell oval glasses, a cropped polo, a mini skirt with a pair of underwear peeking out, socks with platform heels, and a black handbag. And while this outfit leans more librarian than it does pop star, we wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, not everyone can make dweeb look this good.

Geek chic is the latest aesthetic to take the it-girls by storm. Take it from Bella Hadid and Gabbriette, nerdy glasses are all the rage. Miu Miu practically invented geek chic, and of course, Sabrina Carpenter is the perfect Miu Miu girl to nail the look. Categorized by noughties-inspired silhouettes and academic overachiever vibes, geek chic is the perfect combination of sexy and studious. Think of it as the office siren’s younger bookish sister. And even though Sabrina isn’t exactly graduating top of her class, she’s definitely the valedictorian of serving looks.

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