Revolutionizing Dry Celebrations: Château La Coste Unveils NOOH

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Revolutionizing Dry Celebrations: Château La Coste Unveils NOOH

In the heart of Provence, Château La Coste, a renowned winery, is poised to redefine dry celebrations with its latest creation: NOOH, a non-alcoholic sparkling rosé.

This groundbreaking innovation is set to make waves in the beverage industry, offering a unique and sophisticated alternative for those seeking a refreshing yet alcohol-free experience.

Crafting Excellence: The Genesis of NOOH

Château La Coste’s team of skilled oenologists dedicated over three years to perfecting the art of crafting an alcohol-free ‘wine.’ The result? NOOH, a sparkling rosé derived from the acclaimed Rosé d’une Nuit organic cuvée.

What sets this apart is its remarkable ability to retain the distinct flavours of the cuvée while presenting a de-alcoholised lightness.

With delicate notes of grapefruit and strawberries, accompanied by fragrances of jasmine and lemon, NOOH promises a sensorial experience that mirrors the sophistication of its alcoholic counterparts.

Revolutionizing Dry Celebrations: Château La Coste Unveils NOOH

Each sip encapsulates the essence of special occasions, providing a refined choice for those abstaining from alcohol.

Innovative Decanting: The De-Alcoholisation Process

At the core of Château La Coste’s innovative ethos lies the meticulous de-alcoholisation process. This technique involves the extraction of alcohol from the wine through vacuum distillation, a method ensuring evaporation within the temperature range of 35-40°C.

Revolutionizing Dry Celebrations: Château La Coste Unveils NOOH

This careful process preserves the aromatic essence of the wine, resulting in a product with only 3.5g of residual sugar.

NOOH, pronounced N-OO-H, cleverly plays on the French word ‘Nous,’ translating to ‘us’ or ‘we.’ This nomenclature underscores the collaborative and communal spirit behind this non-alcoholic wine, emphasizing its role as a beverage designed for sharing with friends.

The name also subtly alludes to the term ‘No,’ symbolizing the absence of alcohol in this exceptional wine.

Where to Find NOOH: A Taste of Elegance

NOOH is not just a beverage; it’s an experience. For those eager to indulge, this non-alcoholic sparkling rosé will be available for purchase at Wander Lust Wine, showcasing a commitment to accessibility with a retail price of £36.00.

Moreover, Château La Coste has plans to expand its offerings with the release of a still Provence rosé in early 2024.

As the beverage landscape evolves, Château La Coste’s NOOH stands as a testament to the winery’s commitment to innovation. The rising demand for non-alcoholic alternatives is met with an offering that transcends expectations, providing a taste of excellence without compromise.

The Connoisseur’s Verdict: An Exquisite Choice

In the world of non-alcoholic wines, NOOH emerges as a frontrunner, offering a meticulously crafted experience that rivals its alcoholic counterparts. This innovative creation not only caters to those abstaining from alcohol but elevates the choice of non-alcoholic beverages to new heights.

Château La Coste’s NOOH extends an invitation to all, inviting individuals to embrace a new era of celebrations. With its unparalleled taste, innovative process, and commitment to shared moments, NOOH stands as a testament to Château La Coste’s prowess in the world of winemaking, promising a sparkling experience that transcends expectations.

In conclusion, NOOH is more than a beverage; it’s a statement—a testament to the evolving landscape of non-alcoholic options and Château La Coste’s unwavering dedication to excellence.

As we raise our glasses to innovation, let NOOH be the symbol of a future where sophistication and inclusivity coexist in every celebratory sip.

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