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Say goodbye to your standard pair of panties. Proof® is changing the undergarment game with leakproof underwear designed with an absorbent core that can handle urine leaks, period flow, discharge, postpartum bleeding, and sweat. You stay dry and comfortable, all while sporting a cute pair of underwear in a variety of styles from thongs to full coverage briefs. 

What are Proof Leak Proof® Undies? 

Say hello to the only triple patented period underwear on the market. The real question is what can’t our underwear do? Made with multiple absorbent layers, we carefully designed a pair of undies that fights odors and wicks away moisture, helping you stay dry and confident. Not only are our underwear great for periods , but they can be worn at any time of the month to combate bladder leaks, discharge, and sweat. And hey, you’ll never have to worry about unexpectedly starting your period again because in a pair of Proof® panties, you’re covered no matter what.  

How Proof Leak Proof® Underwear Works 

The magic starts with our patented Leak-Loc® technology that involves multiple layers all designed to work together to lock in leaks. Our most absorbent underwear are equipped with a multitude of protective layers, starting with a quick-dry lining that pulls moisture away from your body so that you feel dry as soon as leaks occur. Next up, the Drop-Stop layer comes into play relying on technical fibers that are custom knit to create a highly absorbent center layer that actively fights odors and bacteria growth. The Seep-Shield Liner comes next, it might be thin but it offers dependable leakproof protection. The fourth and final layer is a three-part system starting with our buttery soft, waterproof fabric that boasts double the protection against leaks. Within this layer you will also find extended coverage from front to back to further prevent leaks. In addition, the Leak-Loc®  edges offer extra reinforcement to keep liquids in and leaks out. 

We offer a multitude of styles with varying coverage capabilities, from super-light to super-heavy. Each pair of panties is designed with varying levels of the layers detailed above depending on your specific coverage needs. Yet, despite all of that absorbent power, even our super heavy duty undies are incredibly comfy. 

Our Super Heavy Leakproof Underwear has the power to hold up to 5 regular tampons or 10 teaspoons of liquid. While our Super Light Period Underwear is designed to hold up to 1 light tampon or panty liner. 

Top Benefits of Using Proof® Underwear for Everyday Wear

There are so many benefits to wearing a pair of Proof® underwear, hence why so many women wear them everyday of the month. For one, you never have to stress about when you’re going to start your period again. Suffer from bladder leaks? Laugh, jump, and cough without a care because unlike traditional underwear, Proof® won’t let your leaks slip right through the surface. 

Really (really) leakproof!

Take trust when you say our underwear is truly leakproof. The technology behind our specially designed layers help prevent leaks by drawing in moisture and locking it in place. 

Moisture wicking

It’s not just leaks that our panties are designed to protect against, the moisture wicking properties make them all-purpose and incredibly handy for whatever liquids you’re battling against.  

Super comfy 

There’s no reason to give up comfort in exchange for practicality. In fact, people rave about the comfort of Proof® panties. They are lightweight, flexible, and buttery soft.  

Easy to Care For

You might be wondering how to care for Proof® underwear. The answer is: we’ve made it super simple! Simply toss them in your washing machine on a gentle cycle and then hang dry. You can always give them a quick rinse before tossing them in the washing machine, that’s completely up to you. Just be sure to use gentle detergent and avoid harsh chemicals. 

Protection Against All Kinds of Leaks

You don’t have to save these undies for your period days, the moisture wicking properties are great for so much more from bladder leaks to discharge, and even heavy workouts. Imagine never having to worry about sweat stains in embarrassing places on your workout pants. From light sprinkles to heavy flows, we’ve got you covered. They are also great for postpartum bleeding. 

Different Styles to Choose From

Are you more of a sleek thong kinda gal, or are cheeky panties more your style? Perhaps you prefer a full coverage brief. No matter what your go-to style may be, we’ve got it all. 

Alternative to a Panty Liner

Did you know? Our super-light panties provide the protection of one panty liner.

Use With a Tampon or Pad for Extra Protection 

Do you bleed through tampons and pads at night or during the day? A pair of our underwear could be your new best friend when it comes to preventing leaks from escaping. 

Fights Odors

Not only can you count on Proof Leak Proof® protection to stop leaks in their tracks, but you can also take comfort in our odor fighting materials.

Shop Proof®

From our Leakproof Lace Cheeky to our Leakproof High Waisted Brief,  we’ve got all your leaks covered in addition to all of your favorite panty styles. Looking for somewhere to start? Check out our Everyday Undie. With its cute scalloped edges and invisible protection, you can enjoy protection from all of life’s leaks. Shop all period underwear by clicking here…

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