Period Syncing with Your Child: Is It Real?

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Period Syncing with Your Child: Is It Real?

Wondering if you can sync periods with your daughter or child? Keep reading to find out all you need to know about this strange phenomenon.

If you’re a menstruating parent and your child just got their period, you know how intimate and special the connection between the two of you can be. You and your child have bonded over the ups and downs of puberty, and, as a parent, you’ve likely been an important guide for them throughout this part of their life. Your child is learning to navigate new experiences in their body, both physical and emotional, and you are doing your best to ensure that they have all of the answers to their questions. Perhaps your child has come to you wondering how to use a tampon for the first time, or complaining about period cramps and wondering how to get rid of cramps fast. As a menstruating parent, it’s likely you’ve already had many of these experiences and can share personal experiences about how to live with a period. 

You may have already heard of the “period syncing” or “menstrual synchrony” phenomenon before. Perhaps you’ve lived (or are currently living with) roommates and think your periods have synced up and are affecting each other. You may also be wondering if it’s possible that you might sync periods with your daughter or child. Curious to learn more about the cycle syncing phenomenon? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about whether or not you can sync periods with your child.

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Period syncing is a concept or phenomenon that states that menstruating people who live together or spend a lot of time together (or even come into physical contact with each other) get their periods at the same time as a result of their pheromones influencing and affecting each other. 

As of right now, there’s no real scientific proof that period syncing is real. The phenomenon first appeared in a science paper by researcher Martha McClintock in 1971, and she spoke to 135 college women who all lived in a dorm together. Her conclusion? Period cycle syncing is real. However, future studies conducted said the opposite is true, as studies in 2006 and 2013 disproved the phenomenon. 

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Since period syncing is yet to be proved fully, it’s unlikely that you’ll be syncing periods with your daughter or child anytime soon. The science around it is just too shaky and uncertain, and most people haven’t come to concrete conclusions around the hypothesis. If you do somehow find you and your child are having your period at the same time, it’s likely less of a result from pheromone syncing, and more just a coincidence that your cycles line up.

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If your child comes to you asking about period cycle syncing, or if you’ve just heard of it yourself and want to know if it’s possible that you and your daughter or child will sync periods, the reality is probably not. Period cycle syncing isn’t proven by any hard science, and any cycle synchronizations that do occur are likely coincidences.

If your child is wondering if they’ll be syncing with their friends, you can tell them the same thing you read here– it’s probably not going to happen. That said, a study conducted in 2017 suggests that menstruating people can influence each other in ways other than period timing– such as migraines and ovulation.

Has your child come to you with other period-related questions? Help them figure out how to get rid of period cramps fast, how to insert a tampon, or prevent leaks at school. And while you’re at it, be sure to grab them a pair of our Leakproof Period Activewear– and maybe grab some for yourself, too! You may not sync periods, but maybe you can sync looks.

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