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New Frequently Asked Questions for 2023
Anakalia aka Red Herring got an early start in the medical field at 15 years old when she was hired by Kapiolani Hospital (Hawaii) to public speak about teen sex and the hardship of teen pregnancy & parenting.Testing out of high school early, she then went on to be valedictorian in college (medical studies).During and after college, she worked for the very OB-GYN who delivered her first child.In 1996, while searching for another product, Red Herring came across a menstrual disc.While she didn’t use them consistently, it opened her eyes to alternative menstrual products for the future.

Red Herring has been sharing her experience and knowledge of menstrual cups on YouTube since 2015. She has worked on or with several menstrual cup companies but chooses not to be credited.

“I want to help people find the right menstrualcup for their situation.Not pressure them to buy a menstrual cup [that I might have helped with] for the sake of sales.”

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