MR PORTER Steakhouse, Bar & Lounge Opens in London

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MR PORTER Steakhouse, Bar & Lounge Opens in London

THE ENTOURAGE GROUP recently announced the opening of the renowned MR PORTER Steakhouse, Bar & Lounge in London in September this year.

Renowned for its innovative approach to dining, this establishment promises to deliver an unforgettable culinary experience. It marks a significant addition to London’s dining scene, bringing with it a reputation for excellence that has been firmly established in other major cities.

The anticipation surrounding MR PORTER’s London debut is palpable. Food enthusiasts and critics alike are eager to experience the unique blend of steakhouse traditions with a modern twist. This opening is not just about introducing a new restaurant; it is about setting a new standard for fine dining in the capital.

A Prestigious Location in Mayfair

Situated in the iconic Park Lane Hilton Hotel in Mayfair, MR PORTER brings its modern steakhouse concept to the heart of the UK capital.

This location is one of London’s most prestigious, known for its elegance and sophistication. The choice of Mayfair reflects the restaurant’s commitment to providing a high-end dining experience in a setting that matches its luxurious offerings.

MR PORTER Steakhouse, Bar & Lounge Opens in London

Mayfair’s rich history and contemporary vibrancy make it the perfect backdrop for MR PORTER. The area is synonymous with luxury, hosting some of the finest restaurants, hotels, and boutiques in London.

MR PORTER’s arrival here signifies more than just a new dining option; it is a new chapter in the culinary narrative of this prestigious neighbourhood.

The ‘Dinner and Sinner’ Concept

MR PORTER is celebrated for its unique ‘dinner and sinner’ concept, which merges the quality of a modern steakhouse with the allure of a sultry speakeasy.

This innovative approach offers diners a surprising and immersive culinary experience, blending the best of both worlds. The concept aligns perfectly with London’s dynamic and ever-changing atmosphere, appealing to both traditional steak lovers and those seeking something more adventurous.

The ‘dinner and sinner’ theme is designed to intrigue and entertain. It transforms a simple meal into a memorable event, combining exceptional food with an atmosphere that is both playful and sophisticated. This unique concept ensures that every visit to MR PORTER is not just a meal, but an experience to be savoured.

A Stunning Central Bar

Upon entering, guests will find themselves greeted by an expansive central bar, designed by acclaimed interior artists. This bar is not just a place to grab a drink; it is the heart of the venue, setting the stage for a chic and sophisticated ambience. The design is both modern and inviting, making it the perfect spot for socializing before moving on to the dining area.

MR PORTER Steakhouse, Bar & Lounge Opens in London

The central bar features an extensive wine library and a stylish lounge bar, perfect for enjoying MR PORTER’s signature hand-crafted cocktails. The attention to detail in the bar’s design reflects the overall commitment to creating a luxurious and welcoming environment.

Whether guests are starting their evening with a cocktail or ending it with a nightcap, the bar at MR PORTER is a destination in itself.

The Formal Dining Area

Moving into the formal dining area, guests can expect a deliciously decadent dinner in an elegant setting. The chic ambience continues here, ensuring that every meal is an experience to remember. The design of the dining area is both stylish and comfortable, providing the perfect backdrop for enjoying MR PORTER’s exquisite cuisine.

The formal dining area is designed to cater to both intimate dinners and larger gatherings. With its sophisticated decor and attentive service, it offers a setting that is both relaxing and refined. Every detail, from the table settings to the lighting, has been carefully considered to enhance the dining experience.

Chef’s Table and Open Kitchen

For those seeking a more intimate and immersive culinary adventure, the chef’s table offers an in-depth dining experience. This exclusive setting allows guests to interact directly with the chef, gaining insight into the culinary techniques and ingredients that go into each dish. It is an opportunity to experience the artistry of fine dining up close.

Additionally, the exposed kitchen with an open fire allows diners to witness the meticulous preparation of their meals, adding a dynamic and engaging element to their night.

This feature brings an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the dining process, making it a visual as well as a gastronomic delight. The open kitchen design reflects MR PORTER’s commitment to transparency and excellence in all aspects of its service.

A Menu of Refined Dishes

MR PORTER London presents a menu filled with refined dishes, unique flavour combinations, and unparalleled techniques. These dishes embody the flirtatious and ambiguous cuisine that MR PORTER is known for. Each dish is crafted with the highest quality ingredients, showcasing the skill and creativity of the culinary team.

MR PORTER Steakhouse, Bar & Lounge Opens in London

Chef XXX has curated a menu that blends timeless favourites with distinctive signature dishes, such as the Roast Beef Carpaccio or Avocado Carpaccio with Beluga Caviar.

These are followed by classics like Ribeye on the Bone or Taboon Roasted Sea Bass in Adobo Sauce. For dessert, guests can indulge in the sinful Coconut & Popcorn Crème Brulee, among other new creations designed to delight. The menu is a testament to MR PORTER’s commitment to culinary excellence and innovation.

Signature Cocktails

The bar at MR PORTER London offers an extensive cocktail menu where skilled mixologists craft both classic and signature drinks to perfection. The cocktail menu is designed to complement the culinary offerings, featuring a sophisticated blend of flavours and ingredients. Each drink is a work of art, carefully balanced to enhance the dining experience.

Guests can look forward to an array of drinks, each designed to tantalize the senses and complement the culinary offerings. The cocktail menu is a perfect reflection of MR PORTER’s overall approach: innovative, high-quality, and always focused on providing an exceptional experience.

Whether you are a cocktail connoisseur or simply looking to enjoy a well-made drink, the bar at MR PORTER has something to offer.

Sophistication and Excitement

At MR PORTER London, the culinary and cocktail experiences are meticulously designed to provide a perfect blend of sophistication and excitement.

The aim is to create an unforgettable evening for all guests, where every aspect of their visit is carefully curated to exceed expectations. From the moment they arrive to the last bite or sip, guests are treated to a level of service and quality that sets MR PORTER apart.

MR PORTER Steakhouse, Bar & Lounge Opens in London

The combination of refined dishes, signature cocktails, and a sophisticated atmosphere ensures that MR PORTER will be a standout addition to London’s dining scene. The focus on creating a holistic experience means that every visit is unique, offering something new and exciting each time.


“The opening of MR PORTER Park Lane is a significant milestone for the MR PORTER brand. We are thrilled to be bringing the restaurant to London, whose glamorous and vibrant energy is the perfect location for the next venue,” said Yossi Eliyahoo, co-owner and co-founder of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP.

This expansion into London marks an important step in the brand’s growth, bringing its innovative dining concept to one of the world’s culinary capitals.

The decision to open in London underscores MR PORTER’s confidence in its ability to appeal to a discerning and diverse audience. It also reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation in all its ventures.

The London opening is not just a new location; it is a bold statement about the future of MR PORTER and its place in the global dining scene.


MR PORTER London is set to redefine fine dining in the capital with its unique blend of a modern steakhouse and speakeasy ambience. Located in the prestigious Mayfair area, it promises an unforgettable culinary journey for guests from around the world.

The combination of refined dishes, signature cocktails, and a sophisticated atmosphere ensures that MR PORTER will be a standout addition to London’s dining scene.

With its commitment to quality and innovation, MR PORTER London is poised to become a favourite destination for both locals and visitors alike.

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