Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva: Crafted Elegance

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Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva: Crafted Elegance

Mijenta, the illustrious and eco-conscious tequila brand hailing from the highlands of Jalisco, introduces its latest pinnacle creation to the discerning UK market—the Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva Tequila.

This exquisite libation, aged meticulously for approximately 18 months in four selectively chosen casks, stands as a testament to Mijenta’s commitment to purity and sustainability.

Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva: Crafted Elegance

With a recommended retail price of £159.50, this ultra-premium spirit is now available at premier establishments such as Harvey Nichols, Berry Bros. & Rudd, and Master of Malt.

A Legacy of Distinction

The Añejo Gran Reserva Tequila follows in the footsteps of Mijenta’s highly lauded Blanco and Reposado expressions, debuting in the UK in June 2021 and May 2022, respectively.

Utilizing Mijenta’s award-winning Blanco as its foundation, this ultra-premium expression undergoes a meticulous 18-month ageing process, maturing independently in bespoke casks before harmoniously converging to form its final, distinct profile.

The inclusion of American white oak, French oak, acacia, and cherry barrels contributes to a flavour profile and texture that set it apart from conventional añejo tequilas.

Crafted Expertise: Ana Maria Romero Mena’s Touch

Under the skilled guidance of Ana Maria Romero Mena, the creator of both the process and profile for this exceptional tequila, Mijenta’s Añejo Gran Reserva subtly incorporates the distinct characteristics of each type of wood. Romero Mena, a venerable figure in the Mexican tequila scene, seamlessly integrates the rich agave flavour with the nuances drawn from the carefully chosen barrels.

Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva: Crafted Elegance

This meticulous approach pays homage to Mexican craftsmanship, the local terroir, and the traditions that define the Jalisco highlands.

Mijenta’s Añejo Gran Reserva Tequila captivates the senses from the first encounter. On the nose, inviting notes of cacao, butterscotch, and tobacco beckon, while the palate is treated to a symphony of dried stone fruits and refined spices, including mace, anise, and saffron.

The tongue dances with joy as soft caramelized cooked agave unfolds, accompanied by elegant vanilla and subtle coffee notes derived from the carefully selected variety of barrels.

Juan Coronado’s Artistry Unveiled

On the much-anticipated second release, Mijenta Co-Founder Juan Coronado shares insight into the creation of the Añejo Gran Reserva Tequila. Coronado emphasizes, “Creating our Añejo Gran Reserva Tequila is a labour of love and that process cannot be rushed.” The UK consumers are now privileged to partake in this exquisite expression, savouring the craftsmanship, artistry, and authenticity embedded in every drop.

Co-founder Mike Dolan echoes this sentiment, stating, “With an unwavering commitment to producing exceptional, additive-free tequila and a core ethos that includes environmental responsibility and giving back to local communities, we are honoured by the passionate reception Mijenta has received since we launched in 2020.” The brand’s dedication is not only to crafting unparalleled spirits but also to making a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

Acclaim and Recognition

Mijenta’s unwavering commitment and exceptional quality have recently earned it the prestigious Outstanding Spirits Producer and Agave Producer of the Year Trophies at the 2023 International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) awards ceremony.

This accolade, bestowed by the world’s largest and most influential spirits awards, underscores Mijenta’s standing as a top-tier brand with a compelling narrative and liquid of exceptional quality.

Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva: Crafted Elegance

Beyond the liquid, Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva Tequila’s packaging, designed by Co-Founder and Director of Sustainability Elise Som, is a visual testament to the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Inspired by the midnight blue sky in the highlands of Arandas, where the Centzon Totochtin folk story is depicted under a glowing crescent moon, the packaging utilizes agave waste for all paper-related components. This dedication to sustainable practices aligns seamlessly with Mijenta’s ethos, minimizing its environmental footprint.

In essence, Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva Tequila is more than a libation; it’s a narrative of craftsmanship, sustainability, and dedication. As it graces the UK market, it invites connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to partake in a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary, setting a new standard for excellence in the world of tequila.

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