Low Capacity Menstrual Cups – It might be What You Need!

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Low Capacity Menstrual Cups – It might be What You Need!

When is it Best to Use a “Low Capacity” Menstrual Cup?

Some people and teens choose to use a “low capacity” menstrual cup (although any comfortable size will do) when they have a very light flow and don’t normally need heavy protection. They’re also great for keeping your undies dry from discharge, spotting, or to use when you’re expecting your period but haven’t started yet.


What Are “Average” Menstrual Cups’ Measurements?

Any small-sized menstrual cup will hold less than their larger counterpart. An average small-sized cup will hold about 20-25 ml to the top of the rim, while an average large-sized cup will hold 30-35 ml to the top of the rim.


Really Low Capacity Menstrual Cups:

Some cups are really small and hold less than the average small-sized cup. Examples are:

  • Formoonsa Training Cups hold 10 ml
  • Lumma Low Cervix small and large cups hold 12 ml and 17 ml
  • Lumma Medium Cervix small cups also hold 17 ml
  • MeLuna “Shorty” small and medium cups hold 15 ml and 18 ml
  • Mina “Mini” cups hold 17 ml

But, if you have a very heavy flow and use one of the two highest capacity cups on the market, either the large Venus Cup which holds 47 ml, or the Merula XL which holds 50 ml, then any cup that holds less would probably seem like it has a “low capacity”.


Which Menstrual Cup is Right For You?

When you’re searching for a menstrual cup, you’ll probably want to first focus on what shape will be most comfortable and still be easy to reach, rather than what capacity it holds. A smaller, low capacity cup for your light flow might be comfortable, but it might also be hard to remove. While, a larger cup with High Capacity Menstrual Cups will give you extended wear time, it might also not be as comfortable.

At the end of the day it is your choice but remember high capacity, or low capacity, menstrual cups are the best option for capturing your period’s flow!

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