Looking back at 2020

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Looking back at 2020

Time was plentiful for the first time in decades.

Allowing myself the time for stillness and reflection was something I haven’t done since my twenties. For me, this was a reset year that I needed and wanted. I am grateful for this time and being able to bring it to fruition and reminding myself that when I slow down, I can get to my goals faster. Getting rid of the noise and self imposed musts was liberating, to say the least. In this year I was able to enjoy some of the most simple gifts life had to offer. Like being able to spend quality time with my family and teenage daughter. Having the time to spend with my cat, Henry, who was 19 years old, and being able to be there for him in his final moments. And simply having the time to read and work on things that I found interesting.

Like many people, in the past years I had spent most of my time focusing on work. For me, this time off gave me the opportunity to self reflect and decide that my business going forward will consist of only things that I am passionate about. Allowing myself to lose the parts that I no longer care about, and getting rid of anything I no longer wanted or needed. I discovered that my true passion was creating new formulations without having other obligations. The formulations I have worked on during this time feel different to me; even more substantial than usual. We’ll see what you have to say about it…!

While there was so much to be grateful for this year, I am still human and had my share of frustrations in this unpredictable year. While I had the opportunity to slow down, a part of me still wanted to be on the go and see my friends, travel, or even listen to a live music performance. And if I am being honest, I’m not even sure that I know how to dress up again! In the days where I wasn’t wishing I could spend some time out of the house, I found myself having feelings of intense anger. Mostly towards our elected officials for their lack of creativity and thinking outside of the box. There was a complete lack of true conversation in our public life of why and how we got here. What a huge, missed opportunity! Putting all these frustrations aside, the one thing that was the hardest for me was worrying about the people I know and those I have never even met. No matter what and how I tried to help, it seemed insignificant in the face of what they were facing. Still I tried as much as I could to be there for them, even if it was just reaching out and simply asking how they were doing. 

No one knows what this year will hold for us but I am looking forward to 2021 and embracing all that it will bring. 🙂

Much love always, 


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