Leo—Your December Horoscope Predicts an Opportunity to Reunite With Your Ex

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Leo—Your December Horoscope Predicts an Opportunity to Reunite With Your Ex

The sun is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius for the first few weeks of the month, so your Leo horoscope for December 2023 has plenty of passion, creativity, and romance in store. Mercury retrograde may be throwing a wrench in your schedule, but even that can’t put a damper on your good time. After all, the holidays are for having fun!

On December 1, mental Mercury enters get-sh*t-done Capricorn, inspiring you to get productive and catch up on work throughout the week. A few days later, value-oriented Venus hits your family sector, setting the stage for a meaningful month of connection and harmony with your closest kin. But the cosmic vibes really start stirring come December 12, when the new moon rises in your flirty fifth house and drums up all sorts of fresh inspiration for you. Follow your heart, but leave some wiggle room in your schedule, as Mercury retrograde starts later that evening.

The middle of the month is a time of magic and destiny, as a gorgeous and fiery trine between the North Node of Fate and the sun—your cosmic ruler—inspires you to expand your comfort zone in order to align with your spiritual purpose and passion. You’re slowly but surely stepping into your power, Leo. Once Capricorn season starts on December 21, you’ll feel more grounded by your responsibilities, and better able to focus on your to-do list with pragmatism and discipline. Chatty Mercury backspins into your dating sector just before Christmas, so you’ll want to look out for long-lost exes who are hoping for a holiday hook-up. Hey, it might be fun?

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An emotional full moon in Cancer rises on December 26, and it’s inspiring you to take charge of your spiritual wellness. You’re learning to show yourself more compassion and grace, so offer your inner self the kind of gentle TLC you’d give to anyone else you care about. A cozy solo night at home is the perfect way to celebrate. On December 29, lover planet Venus joins flirty Mercury and sexy Mars in your dating zone, so spend New Year’s Eve doing something fun and romantic.

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