Julia Fox Just Shocked the World in a Bizarre X-Rated Bikini

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Julia Fox Just Shocked the World in a Bizarre X-Rated Bikini

Julia Fox just sported her most controversial look yet. The star recently stepped out in Los Angeles wearing an outfit that was both incredibly bizarre and shockingly on-brand. Julia Fox’s hairy bikini might be the craziest celebrity look we’ve seen in a while, but it’s business as usual for the star. Fox is known for turning heads with her outfits. And while we’ve learned not to be shocked every time she wears something unconventional, nothing could’ve prepared us for the heart-stopping look she just wore.

Let’s put things into perspective—earlier this month, Fox wore blonde hair extensions on her feet. We thought she couldn’t put together a more unhinged look than that, but she’s already proved us wrong. For her latest look, she showed off fresh platinum hair and her signature bleached brows. The more tame elements of her outfit included a black blazer, what appears to be a white skirt she pulled up in the front, a black mini purse, and a pair of unassuming flats. But we’d be lying if we said we could focus on anything but what’s peeking out of her blazer.

Photo by Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images.

The star of the ensemble is Fox’s hairy flesh-colored bikini—complete with 3D realistic nipples and a sewn up vagina labeled “closed.” Freeing the nipple has been a huge trend in Hollywood among stars like Florence Pugh, but Fox just flipped the trend on its head. And while we weren’t expecting free the vagina to become a trend anytime soon, leave it to Fox to make that a thing too.

Perhaps most importantly, Fox’s bikini is also a celebration of body hair. In a world that often stigmatizes armpit hair, leg hair, and pubic hair, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity as big as Julia Fox support natural bodies. (Even if it’s not in the way we might’ve expected.) From her past looks, we know that Fox is a big fan of hair—especially the kind that doesn’t grow on your head.

Whether Fox intended for her hairy bikini to be a statement about bodies or it was simply a wild fashion choice, we’ll be thinking about this outfit for a while. The star might’ve shown us everything with this look, but we have no doubt she has many more weird looks to serve in the future. 

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