I Tested 6 Clean Mascaras and There Was One True Winner

Home Beauty I Tested 6 Clean Mascaras and There Was One True Winner
I Tested 6 Clean Mascaras and There Was One True Winner

Truth be told, I’ve never been big into beauty. Fashion and creating looks and outfits is much more my speed, but as the years have progressed, my interest in beauty and skincare definitely piqued. Specifically, I’ve always been obsessed with finding the perfect mascara. At this point, I feel like I’ve tried hundreds but still wasn’t satisfied so I decided to start my hunt over and make the switch to clean mascara.

Clean mascara is generally free of many chemicals and preservatives found in traditional mascara. However, because there are no hard and fast rules in the beauty industry on what exactly defines “clean” or what clean beauty means, you really have to read your ingredients! Over the last few weeks, I tested six different clean mascara brands to find what the best clean mascara is (in my opinion). Now I know there are A LOT of other options out there (including a cult-favorite Ilia), however, I like a particular style of brush/wand, so I only tested the ones that used the style I liked. For the record I have tried both Ilia mascaras, and this one is my favorite of the two, but its not going in my current rotation. Before I dive into the six I tried, I wanted to be sure I gave you all a link to the best cleanser for eye makeup by Elemis because removing your mascara thoroughly at the end of the day is just as important as applying it! 

Originally posted 6/22/21, updated with screenshots on 5/12/22.

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