How Period Undies Can Help You Postpartum

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How Period Undies Can Help You Postpartum

For nine months of pregnancy, you experienced so many uncomfortable symptoms, but not having to deal with monthly periods may be one of the few physical upsides!  And then you gave birth. No one tells you about postpartum bleeding, which  begins right after birth and lasts up to six weeks. Some women also experience their first period around that six-week mark, which means even more bleeding. So, it brings up the question of how you can deal with  postpartum bleeding while feeling comfortable, confident, and adjusting  to a new baby and routines. 

How postpartum period undies work

You may be offered mesh underwear at the hospital with a heavy flow pad. The mesh underwear is breathable and high-rise but not the most comfortable to wear. In addition, the pad has difficulty staying still and does not always adhere to the mesh underwear well. Here at Proof®, our underwear offers high-rise coverage with moisture-wicking fabric to pull moisture away from the body and into the absorbent underwear lining. In addition, each pair of underwear offers reinforced Leak-Loc™ edges to ensure your postpartum bleeding stays on your underwear and not on your fresh pair of postpartum pants. 

Can period underwear help postpartum?

Our postpartum period underwear is designed to control even the heaviest of postpartum bleeding and leaks. Postpartum period underwear may be worn in place of the disposable mesh underwear offered by the hospitals. Since our underwear is reusable, you will not have to worry about running to the store in the middle of the night when you run out of pads. Throw them in the wash with your regular laundry, and you are ready to go. 

How often should you change your postpartum underwear?

On average, women may wear period underwear for up to 12 hours of continuous wear. Be sure to purchase period underwear with the correct absorbance for your flow to ensure you can get the most out of your underwear. Change your underwear every 12 hours or when you usually change your underwear at night, such as after a night shower or before bed.  

How many pairs of Leakproof postpartum underwear do you need?

Taking care of a new bundle of joy is a lot of work. Not to mention the amount of laundry a newborn baby produces. With that in mind, you should stock up on enough pairs that you are not rushing to do laundry multiple times a week. Allow yourself two pairs of period underwear daily, one for the daytime and one for nighttime. For example, if you have four pairs of underwear for daytime and four pairs for nighttime, that should allow you some time between laundry days for comfort and protection against postpartum bleeding.

Which leakproof undies are best postpartum?

We took the guesswork out of which period underwear is best for postpartum bleeding. We created a user-friendly collection tab that features all the period underwear that may be worn to provide postpartum protection against leaks. 

Things to consider when shopping for leakproof postpartum undies

Not sure where to begin or how to find the perfect pair of underwear? We created an easy guide when shopping for underwear. Here are a few things to consider:


It may be challenging to decide whether to go with your pre-pregnancy or your postpartum size for period underwear. Keep in mind over nine months; your uterus significantly increased in size. So, it may take some time before your uterus shrinks back to the pre-pregnancy size. Therefore, sizing up one size when purchasing your period underwear will allow accommodations for the swelling without restricting blood flow.


Style and comfort go hand in hand. Especially postpartum when you are trying to look and feel confident while caring for a newborn. Your postpartum period underwear should offer proper tummy support because your abdomen will be tender and swollen after birth. In addition, save your thongs for another time. Sometimes, postpartum bleeding may be messy, so you need underwear with proper leak coverage. Our period underwear provides a Leak-Loc™ technology that prevents leaks from transferring onto your clothing. 

Do you really need postpartum leak Proof underwear?

After birth, the hospital you deliver at will provide you with mesh postpartum underwear and a disposable pad. While this is an acceptable option, it is not the only option. 

Leakproof underwear is environmentally friendly and easy to wear. It provides you the convenience of up to 12 hours of continuous wear without worrying about changing a pad every few hours or leaking through your mesh underwear. In addition, you will always have period underwear because they are washable and reusable. 

Shop Proof®

We are confident that you will love Proof Leak Proof® underwear as much as we do. We offer a 60-day leak-free guarantee from the time of receipt of order. If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with your order, you can return it within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked. However, once you try leakproof underwear, it will soon become your go-to for all of life’s smallest to largest leaks. 

After birth, many women get overwhelmed with postpartum bleeding and how to manage it while focusing on things like their new baby. It may take some time before your bleeding is light enough to wear regular underwear with a pad. Let’s face it, the pads needed for postpartum bleeding are bulky and slide around. In addition, the mesh underwear the hospital provides is not the most comfortable. With period underwear, you may receive all-day protection and comfort without the fuss of changing a pad every few hours. Here at Proof®, we understand how special and important those first days after having a newborn are. We want to ensure you can cherish those first few weeks with your new baby while being protected from leaks. 

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