How do Swimmers Deal with Periods?

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How do Swimmers Deal with Periods?

You’re all set for a big swim competition, or maybe just your regular practice, when drip drip you feel it… and you haven’t gotten into the water yet. Your period is here to join the pool party. So, do you call in sick and throw in the towel? Absolutely not! Swimming on your period is perfectly normal and completely fine. In fact, there are countless products from tampons to cups that’ll keep you swimming strong no matter what time of the month it is. 

Can I swim during my period?

Absolutely, 100%, yes! You can (and should!) swim during your period. Not only may it help soothe cramps and keep your mind off of things, but it is completely safe and sanitary. In fact, you’re far more likely to encounter urine in the pool than menstrual blood. 

Is swimming while on your period safe?

There are a lot of myths about periods out there. In fact, despite how common they are, periods still  remain one of the most taboo  topics out there, which is so not right. In fact, periods are part of the reason women are so incredible! No man can bleed for 3+ days straight and live to tell about it, right?? 

We are here to bust some of the most common myths about swimming on your period to prove it is 100% safe! 

Myth #1: It’ll Make Your Cramps Worse 

This couldn’t be further from the truth because swimming may actually help improve your monthly aches and pains including muscular spasms and other common symptoms associated with dysmenorrhea. That’s because swimming helps relax muscles. 

Myth #2: Pool or Ocean Water Can Cause Infection 

There is a common misconception that swimming on your period can allow  bacteria from  ocean or pool water to enter your vagina and cause infections. This is simply not true! It won’t happen regardless if you are on your period or not so don’t let it stress you out. 

Myth #3: The Sharks Will Get You 

If you love swimming in the ocean’s open waters, you can rest assured the sharks won’t be coming from you when they smell a drop of menstrual blood. While sharks may be more excited by the scent of blood, they are just as excited by the sounds humans make swimming in the water and bright colors like yellow, white, or silver. Research shows the dangers of swimming in open waters appear the same,  on and off your period. 

Myth #4: It’s Not Sanitary to Swim on Your Period 

Period blood is the same blood that flows through your veins and does not contain additional contaminants. Plus, with the right period swimwear for competitive swimmers, you can keep your blood from ever entering the water. 

How swimmers deal with periods

Thankfully, there are numerous ways swimmers deal with periods. That means you never have to take a break from swimming in the water. So splish-splash, jump in and enjoy! 


Tampons are commonly used for women on their periods, in and out of the pool. They are easy to insert and come in a variety of sizes for all different flow levels. It’s important to try a variety of brands and sizes to find the best tampon fit for your body. 

Menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are very popular for swimmers, as well as everyday wear. They are actually safer than tampons because they don’t pose the risk for toxic shock syndrome. While tampons are made of cotton fibers, menstrual cups are produced using medical-grade silicone. They are shaped like a little cup (hence their name) and are designed to catch menstrual blood instead of absorbing it like a tampon does. It takes a few tries to get down inserting and removing them, but once you get the hang of it they are great because there are no strings attached. Plus, the risk of leaking is reduced. 

Staying hydrated

Hormones can impact how much water you need, and being on your period can make you more dehydrated. That’s why it’s especially important to stay hydrated when swimming on your period. 

Wearing a snug-fitting swimsuit

A snug-fitting swimsuit can help hide tampon strings but it won’t absorb period blood like period swimwear for competitive swimmers. 

Having extra clothes in case of leaks

Leaks happen to the best of us! That’s why it’s important to always carry an extra pair of underwear and clothing when it’s that time of the month. You may not need it but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  

Pain relief medication

Do you have bad cramps during that time of the month? It’s estimated that 80% of women will experience period pain at some point in their life. Most of us can relate to the bloating and cramps that accompany Aunt Flow each month. Keep your favorite paid medicine in your swim bag at all times, and you’ll be prepared to combat any discomfort that tries to interrupt your flow in the pool. 

Does swimming impact your period?

Swimming in the pool may reduce or even stop your menstrual flow while you are in the water. It may also help relax your muscles and reduce cramping. Other than those wonderful splashes of news, swimming  is not going to change or impact your period in any way. 

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