How Bumble BFF Restored My Faith in Making New Friends as an Adult

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How Bumble BFF Restored My Faith in Making New Friends as an Adult

You may be familiar with Bumble, the dating app that matches you with potential dates in your area, but did you know there’s a feature that connects you to friends? It’s a magical tool for people like me, who struggle with making friends IRL—and if making the first move or the fear of dreaded awkward silences freaks you out, I don’t blame you for seeking alternatives, like how to make friends on Bumble BFF

When I packed up and moved out of my hometown a few years ago, I left behind some lifelong friendships. I didn’t know anyone outside of my new roommates, who both had a solid group, but as a writer who worked from home, I was on my own. I heard of Bumble For Friends years ago, so when I got tired of my own company, I fired up the familiar yellow app and gave it try. Within a week or two of swiping through potential BFFs on Bumble, I had a match that I instantly clicked with—and she turned out to be one of my best friends today. 

While I consider myself lucky, it turns out that other people had similar stories. For Bumble user Austi Martines, they hoped their match mirrored their love for food and adventures. Bonus points if they had a dog. “Not only did I need some new friends, but my dog was getting sick of being my friend all the time,” says Martines. 

Whether you’ve outgrown people or found yourself in a new city, you’re not alone in looking for people who match your energy. A Bumble For Friends survey found that more than any other generation, 73% of millennials, desired new friends—but it’s not always easy. “Making friends isn’t something we were necessarily taught and it was more so a proximity of our surroundings,” Danielle Bayard Jackson, Bumble For Friends’ friendship expert tells StyleCaster. “It’s not like how most of us first made friends in elementary school as a result of our forced surroundings.” 

The great thing about Bumble For Friends is that not only do you get a brief glimpse into the vibe of other users, but it also allows you to branch out of your usual social circle, says Arielle Pinkston, M.A, LMFT, FNTP. “These apps also allow users to be intentional about the kind of friendships they want to cultivate, focusing on mutual interests and values,” Pinkston explains. “The structure of the app provides a safer and more controlled environment for initiating contact, which can be particularly appealing for those who are shy or apprehensive about meeting new people.”

Ready to get swiping? Here’s how to make the most of Bumble For Friends, plus, what to look out for as you swipe in search of your new bestie. 

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