How Aquarius Season 2024 Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign (& Start a Revolution)

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How Aquarius Season 2024 Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign (& Start a Revolution)

It’s time to march to the beat of your drum. Here’s how Aquarius season 2024 will affect each zodiac sign as we learn to love our quirks and eccentricities. Stepping into your authenticity isn’t easy, but you may feel more confident in your individuality during Aquarius season.

A desire to break free will become more pronounced when the sun enters Aquarius on January 20, 2024, at 9:07 a.m. ET. Now that the sun is answering to Aquarius’ co-rulers, Saturn and Uranus, there might be an overwhelming feeling to be yourself. However, there could be an underlying sense of restriction. Despite the initial restiveness, Aquarius season may teach us that it’s our responsibility to be authentic.

Later that same day, Pluto will enter Aquarius at 7:50 p.m. ET. The beginning of this transit might have a similar vibe to last year when Pluto was in Aquarius from the end of March to June 2023. In astrology, Pluto governs death, power, and transformation. So, this Plutonic transit might encourage you to transform your Aquarian values of community, individuality, and nonconformity. A widespread social acceptance and call to focus on humanitarian efforts may arise from Pluto in Aquarius.

Accepting less than what you deserve simply won’t do when Venus enters Capricorn on January 23. Your standards will be higher than usual for professional prospects, financial possibilities, or romantic commitments. Frivolous spending could be cut down during this transit since Venus in Capricorn will be intentional about long-term opportunities. 

A six-month cycle will conclude during the full moon in Leo on January 25, which will occur at 5 degrees. The only question you should ask yourself during this lunation is, “Am I having fun?” If you feel confident and fulfilled, you have nothing to worry about. But if you feel depressed and unsure, then the lunation will encourage you to let go of anything that dims your light. 

Exercise cautious optimism when the sun in Aquarius tensely squares Jupiter in Taurus on January 27. The square might cause some friction since you may feel confident yet still somewhat unsure about your next steps. If you want to be lucky, then you may need to watch it with over-exaggerating and a bravado attitude.

Later that same day, a sudden change may occur when Uranus stations direct in Taurus. Once direct, Uranus in Taurus will likely result in an external plot twist, especially if you have been waiting for something new to happen throughout Uranus retrograde. Be ready for anything to happen since several unexpected decisions and opportunities could come up.

What could you do? You may feel like you’re caught between a rock and a hard place when Mars in Capricorn squares the South Node in Libra and the North Node in Aries on January 28. The Nodal squares may have a “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” vibe. Since you will be at a crossroads, you should decide to take a risk. It might be uncomfortable, but you may benefit from trying something new. 

Align yourself with commitments that will stand the test of time. Get serious about what you want to focus on when Venus in Capricorn forms a sextile with Saturn in Pisces and trines Jupiter in Taurus on January 28. Both transits will have a positive energy that will amplify your confidence. As a result, this could help you feel self-assured about a romantic or professional prospect.

You might have to pivot more than once when Mars in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus on January 29. Unexpected obstacles and redirections may occur. You might not even be annoyed to adjust your course of action since the cosmic energy imbues a sense of harmony. 

An imaginative conversation may take place when Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces on February 2. Since everyone will feel more compassionate, so it might be easier to talk about your hopes, wishes, and dreams. Being vulnerable about your aspirations could even bring you closer to someone else!

The sun enters Aquarius on January 20 at 9:07 a.m. ET and leaves it behind on February 18 at 11:13 p.m. ET.

Intense conversations and dire thoughts will pop up when Mercury enters Aquarius and conjuncts Pluto in Aquarius on February 5. The start of this Mercurial transit will be profound. You might have unusual thoughts about yourself and your life that could transform your outlook. Unlikely insight could also challenge you to view your circumstances in a different light.

By the following day, you may feel like your risk has paid off since the sun in Aquarius will sextile the North Node and trine the South Node on February 6. The Nodal aspects are more harmonious, so you may feel more confident about your destiny. A fateful exchange or serendipitous omen might even confirm that you made the right choice.

What do you dream of doing? Visualize what your decisions and actions may lead to when Mars in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces on February 7. By using your imagination, you can likely fine-tune and adjust your plans to achieve your desired goal. 

You may not feel like yourself since the sun in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus on February 8. Friction will arise, so this could cause you to feel at odds with yourself. Since you might feel out-of-sorts, you should refrain from making impulsive decisions about your appearance, like cutting off all of your hair. This feeling will eventually pass!

Set your intentions to find a community that accepts you during the new moon in Aquarius on February 9, which will occur at 20 degrees. The new moon will begin a six-month cycle full of potential. You could use this period to meet new individuals who are part of a community you feel strongly about. It could also be a fantastic time to work on self-acceptance and self-love.

You might be impartial to a different way of handling things when Mars enters Aquarius on February 13. Instead of sticking to something tried and true, Mars in Aquarius will urge you to be more innovative. When you utilize your unconventionality, you might have more passion and stamina. However, you may want to take it easy instead of doing it all at once since Mars will conjunct Pluto in Aquarius the following day.

Unique outlooks on partnership, money, and aesthetics will arise when Venus enters Aquarius on February 16. Instead of trying something traditional, Venus in Aquarius will motivate you to be more non-conforming. You might be open to dating someone who isn’t your type and investing in more progressive financial opportunities. Your style might become more individualized as well! However, steer clear from making extreme choices with your love life, possessions, or finances right away since Venus will conjunct Pluto in Aquarius the next day.

The intensity of Aquarius season will die down when the sun enters Pisces on February 18 at 11:13 p.m., ET. Although this Aquarius season was perfect for reflecting on friendships and individuality, you might be ready for the magic and mysticism that Pisces season will bring.

How Aquarius Season 2024 Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Here’s what you can expect from Aquarius season, according to your sun and/or rising sign (and seriously, you’re missing out if you don’t read these horoscopes for your rising sign):

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