Fashion Trends 2024: Millennial Pink & 9 Other Runway-Inspired Looks For The Real World

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Fashion Trends 2024: Millennial Pink & 9 Other Runway-Inspired Looks For The Real World

While Gen Z may be able to add their stamp of approval to a trend, they aren’t necessarily the ones behind the trend’s creation, and the fashion trends for 2024 presented during Spring 2024 Fashion Month prove it. Ever since the skinny jeans debate, there seems to be underlying online animosity between millennials and Gen Z. For the most part, the divide is trivial—many of the millennial-loved trends of the ‘90s have been reborn for the TikTok generation and practically everyone is wearing ballet flats again. The younger group managed to make millennial moments a trendier, cooler part of their identity—and for the record, I fall directly between the two age groups and take no sides.

STYLECASTER | Fashion Trends 2024
Sandy Liang: Spotlight Launchmetrics.

As I watched the Spring/Summer ‘24 collections make their way down the runway, I couldn’t help but swoon over a particular soft shade of pink sprinkled throughout the designer’s shows. Tory Burch, Carolina Herrera, and Sandy Liang presented pink mini dresses, pink gowns, and pink bow bags (all of which I quickly declared my favorite pieces). It dawned on me that the reason I loved them so much was because the pieces weren’t just any shade of pink, they were Millennial Pink. The shade that defined my entire existence from 2014-2017 suddenly doesn’t seem so “cheugy” anymore. The millennials are getting their power back. 

Could a color revival really tip the power scales? Probably not—but if you add a few snippets of commentary from New York Fashion Week, you might get somewhere. 

During New York Fashion Week a controversial fashion show for Shao Yang was held on the rooftop of Anna Delvey’s apartment and was co-hosted by Delvey herself—a convenient location considering she’s a convicted felon and still under house arrest. What’s more millennial than a girl-boss-turned-scammer trope?

Delvey was joined on the rooftop by famed publicist Kelly Cutrone who helped put on the event. Cutrone was asked what she would consider “in” and “out” this fashion week in a viral TikTok video (ironic, considering her response).

“One thing that’s in is the motherf*cking truth. One thing that’s out is influencers,” Cutrone responded. 

Cutrone is known to have strong opinions and quite a bit of influence herself. If influencers are “out”, that’s another strike against Gen Z. 

The nail in the coffin on Gen Z’s trend domination? I’ll give you a second to guess—side parts. When I went backstage before the STAUD debut runway show at The Plaza Hotel, I was surprised to see model after model with a strong side part. 

STYLECASTER | Fashion Trends 2024
STAUD; Spotlight Launchmetrics.

Through a cloud of TRESemmé hairspray, I asked celebrity hair artist, Renato Campora, if side parts were coming back. 

“Completely,” Campora replied as he brushed his hands through a model’s long side-parted hair. “A side part, a middle part, or wearing your hair back is a question of changing [your hair] to match your look. A side part is beautiful and opens up the neck.” 

As I watched the models saunter down the runway with their side parts and chic long blue STAUD skirts, I felt myself self-consciously adjusting my middle part. Whether you’re a millennial, Gen Z, somewhere in-between (like me), or don’t even fall into one of the categories, you’ll want to get an early read on the biggest fashion trends for 2024

Keep reading for nine trends that may lead to generational peace.

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