Exercising during your period: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Exercising during your period: The Do’s and Don’ts

So, your period decided to show up right when you had that killer workout planned? No biggie – we’ve got you covered.

We get it, exercising during your period might sound like an epic battle against bloating, menstrual cramps, and fluctuating energy levels. But fear not, because we’ve got the do’s and don’ts that will turn your workout into a high-five worthy experience. 

So whether you’re a fierce warrior on the yoga mat or a sprinting goddess on the track, these tips are tailored to help you make the most of your workout without feeling like you’re at war with your body.

Four ‘do’s’ when you’re exercising during your period

1. Embrace light to moderate workouts

First things first, it’s totally okay to dial down the intensity a bit during your period. Opt for light to moderate workouts like walking, yoga, or swimming. These activities can actually help ease cramps and boost your mood, thanks to the magical endorphins. The key is to keep moving without pushing yourself to the limit.


2. Stay hydrated

Water is your secret weapon against bloating and fatigue. Hydration keeps your body functioning at its best, and it can help alleviate those pesky period symptoms. Sip water throughout your workout, and if you’re into it, add a splash of lemon for an extra zing.


3. Choose the right period products

Rocking the right period products can make all the difference. Opt for options that make you feel comfortable and protected. Tampons and menstrual cups are great for high-intensity workouts, while period-proof underwear is your go-to for added coverage and peace of mind.


4. Listen to your body

Your body is your BFF, and it’s always giving you signals. If you’re feeling extra tired or your cramps are acting up, it’s okay to give yourself a break. Maybe shake up your fitness routine and try a restorative yoga session or a chill stretch routine. The goal is to feel good, inside and out.

Four ‘don’ts’ when you’re exercising during your period

1. Don’t Forget About Proper Nutrition

Your body is a powerhouse, and it needs fuel – especially during your period. Choose complex carbs like whole grains, lean proteins, and colourful fruits and veggies. These foods provide the energy you need to crush your workout without feeling sluggish.


2. Don’t push yourself too hard

We’re all for hitting your goals, but your period week might not be the best time to set personal records. Pushing yourself too hard with strenuous or prolonged exercise can increase fatigue and discomfort. Remember, it’s perfectly fine to take it easy and prioritise self-care.


3. Don’t skip the warm-up and stretching

You know that cosy feeling of snuggling into your blanket? Well, think of a warm-up as a gentle blanket for your muscles. Warming up before exercise helps increase blood flow to your muscles, reducing the risk of injury. Follow it up with some stretches to ease any tension and tightness – your body will thank you.


4. Don’t stress the small stuff

Lastly, don’t let your period be a party pooper. Stress can actually make your symptoms worse, so keep a positive mindset. Celebrate your body’s incredible ability to keep moving even during your period.

Period hygiene when exercising

Taking care of your body and hygiene is crucial, especially when it comes to that time of the month and exercising. It’s important to stay fresh and dry to avoid any uncomfortable infections like thrush or BV.

If you’re hitting the gym for a high-energy session, tampons or menstrual cups might be your workout buddies. They offer reliable protection and let you move freely without the worry of leaks. 

On the other hand, if you’re leaning towards a lower-impact workout, period-proof underwear is your go-to. Take our Love Luna LBL workout brief for example.

The Workout Midi Brief has laser cut edges for no VPL under your leggings & is made from sleek microfibre with a shiny elastic waistband. These absorbent undies are like a safety net, providing backup protection while you work on those lunges and stretches. 

Remember, hygiene is key, so always change out of your sweaty clothes and freshen up post-workout.

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