Empyrean II: Luxury Sound Redefined

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Empyrean II: Luxury Sound Redefined

Meze Audio, a renowned name in the world of high-quality audio equipment, is once again making waves with the introduction of Empyrean II – a cutting-edge planar magnetic headphone that represents the brand’s unwavering commitment to audio excellence.

Building upon the success of the original Empyrean, which was already celebrated for its technological prowess, the Empyrean II emerges as a masterpiece of artistry, innovation, and craftsmanship.

Empyrean II: Luxury Sound Redefined

Unveiling a Technological Marvel

In this second-generation model, Meze Audio’s team of experts has taken the remarkable Isodynamic Hybrid Array driver design from Rinaro Isodynamics and pushed the boundaries even further, resulting in a significant improvement in performance. The Empyrean II is a testament to the relentless pursuit of audio perfection.

Meze Audio’s Managing Director, Mircea Fanatan, provides insight into their vision for the Empyrean II: “When creating Empyrean II, our goal was to enhance the headphones’ ability to reproduce fine details and achieve a more neutral sound signature, all the while preserving the original ‘easy to listen to’ character. With this in mind, our engineers have masterfully harnessed the driver’s power to reveal new possibilities in terms of responsiveness and accuracy and even make the driver more reliable in challenging acoustic environments.”

Empyrean II: Luxury Sound Redefined

Aesthetic Excellence and Comfort Combined

Craftsmanship takes centre stage as the Empyrean II’s frame, precision-crafted through CNC milling, boasts a sleek black matte finish with elegant silver accents.

The headphone’s redesigned aluminium grille draws inspiration from art deco artistry, seamlessly blending the elegance of the past with a vision for the future. Meze Audio’s dedication to marrying classic aesthetics with modern sophistication is evident in every aspect of this headphone’s design.

Unmatched Comfort for Extended Listening

Meze Audio understands that audio excellence must be accompanied by exceptional comfort, and the Empyrean II delivers precisely that. Following the same comfort standards as the entire Meze portfolio, these headphones are deliberately designed to minimize weight and pressure on the wearer, ensuring a fatigue-free listening experience even during extended sessions.

The Empyrean II comes with two sets of earpads, each designed to offer a distinct and tailored listening experience.

Empyrean II: Luxury Sound Redefined

The all-new Duo Earpads, the most advanced in the Empyrean series to date, are exclusive to the Empyrean II. Crafted from a precise blend of premium leather and Alcantara, these earpads introduce a contemporary look and tonal balance that resonates across all music genres. With leather forming the base half and Alcantara covering the rest, they provide a harmonious tonal balance that enhances your listening experience.

For those seeking a classic audiophile experience, the Angled Alcantara Earpads excel at rendering intricate details and nuances in your recordings. The angled shape creates more space inside the earpad, resulting in an airier sound signature, cleaner bass, and improved midrange presence, making it perfect for audiophiles who demand the highest level of fidelity.

The Empyrean II by Meze Audio has been available for pre-order from November 8th, and in selected dealers’ stores worldwide. This eagerly awaited masterpiece of audio innovation can be yours at a retail price of $2999, €2999, or £2749. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the pinnacle of sound quality and craftsmanship with the Empyrean II. Reserve yours early to be among the first to enjoy this symphony of audio excellence.

Empyrean II: Luxury Sound Redefined


With the Empyrean II, Meze Audio has once again redefined audio mastery. This second-generation planar magnetic headphone not only sets new standards in performance and design but also showcases Meze Audio’s unwavering commitment to delivering the ultimate listening experience.

Whether you’re an audiophile seeking uncompromising sound quality or a connoisseur of craftsmanship, the Empyrean II is a symphony of innovation and artistry that will elevate your audio journey to new heights. Meze Audio’s dedication to quality, comfort, and performance shines through in every aspect of this exceptional headphone, making it a must-have for anyone who demands the very best in audio technology.

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