Dua Lipa Wore 2.5 of Our Favorite 2024 Trends in One Outfit

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Dua Lipa Wore 2.5 of Our Favorite 2024 Trends in One Outfit

The way popstars move when an album is about to come out really gets me out of bed in the morning. In addition to traipsing across the world and falling madly in love, Dua Lipa’s outfits have been scratching a style itch. If you haven’t heard, she’s putting out an album in a month titled, “Radical Optimism.” If you aren’t popstar-pilled, you may not know, but what this means is the popstar is delivering fashion serves of epic proportions.

Dua Lipa just teased the album by posting some of the album’s art options that didn’t make the final cut, and the look feels like if my 2024 spring moodboard and my 2024 summer moodboard had a baby.

For starters, we love the no-pants. We’ve written about it endlessly—Sydney Sweeney, Kristen Stewart, and countless others are showing drawers. While yes, popstars regularly wear bodysuits when performing and in editorial, this outfit feels pretty wearable. The red tights were definitely everywhere last fall, but if we’re ditching pants, let’s let the colored tights hang around for spring. Plus, if we’re really about that 2014 American Apparel lifestyle, you know that tights are the ultimate wardrobe staple for a mass indie slut

The bodysuit is definitely cute, and while I’m squinting trying to get the details of what exactly she’s wearing, bodysuits are a garment we’ve all gotten pretty accustomed to from the Aritzia propaganda (non-derogatory) that fills all of Manhattan on any given Saturday. For a second, I thought she was wearing the Union Jack flag, maybe a bit of a noddy nod to the Olympics this summer, but I don’t think that’s what it is. I dig the fabric though, and my Pinterest is covered with mesh tops and tights of glittery, sheeny stretch fabric. 

Then there are the white, pointed toe kitten heels. And let’s not mince words here, kitten heels are classics okay. A kitten heel is almost a flat, but it’s also almost a heel, and in that way it’s neither, telling us that totality is bigger than the sum of two parts. Everyone say thank you, Dua. <3

Earlier this week, she posted to IG a photo where she wore a very cute red and navy blue striped jersey with a white long sleeve shirt underneath it and some training pants with a jumble of charms around her neck. Blokecore was popping off last summer, and we’re glad that sporty soccer captain’s girlfriend look is here to stay.

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