Decadent Delights at AIRSIDE Cafe: A Luxurious Afternoon Tea

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Decadent Delights at AIRSIDE Cafe: A Luxurious Afternoon Tea

AIRSIDE Cafe, situated within the newly inaugurated AIRSIDE mall at Kai Tak, beckons patrons into a realm of culinary sophistication as it welcomes the new year with a touch of decadence.

Nestled in the AIRSIDE atrium, this contemporary haven invites guests to immerse themselves in an extraordinary afternoon tea experience amid its airy environs.

A Captivating Setting: The Heart of AIRSIDE Cafe

At the heart of AIRSIDE Cafe’s allure lies its meticulously crafted ambience, revolving around a captivating showpiece open kitchen.

This carefully designed layout not only stimulates the senses but also offers an elevated position bathed in sunlight filtering through the expansive glass roof. The result is an enchanting locale that sets the stage for a truly glorious teatime indulgence.

The spacious setting of AIRSIDE Cafe, with its artful arrangement, creates an inviting atmosphere where guests can relish the culinary delights while basking in the natural light.

The showpiece open kitchen adds a layer of excitement, allowing diners to witness the culinary magic unfold before their eyes. The strategic placement of the kitchen in the atrium enhances the overall dining experience, making AIRSIDE Cafe a unique and visually stunning destination.

The Indulgence Unveiled: AIRSIDE Cafe Afternoon Tea

Available from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, the AIRSIDE Cafe Afternoon Tea (priced at HK$348 for two people) promises a feast of eye-catching and enticing savouries and sweets.

Delightfully presented on a three-tier rattan cake stand, this array includes a trio of enticing savoury creations and an assortment of freshly baked pastries. Housemade scones, canelés, and delectable mini cakes take centre stage, complemented by a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea.

Decadent Delights at AIRSIDE Cafe: A Luxurious Afternoon Tea

The Afternoon Tea at AIRSIDE Cafe is not merely a culinary experience; it’s a journey through a carefully curated selection of flavours and textures. The three-tier rattan cake stand serves as a visual delight, showcasing the artistry that goes into each creation.

From the first bite of the savoury treats to the last sip of the freshly brewed coffee or tea, every element is designed to elevate the senses and provide a truly indulgent experience.

Savoury Sensations: A Cut Above the Norm

The savoury selection at AIRSIDE Cafe Afternoon Tea elevates the experience with its fresh ingredients and a touch of glamour. The Lobster Brioche Bun combines the freshness of lobster and tiger prawn with the tart crunch of apple and the buttery appeal of salmon caviar.

Decadent Delights at AIRSIDE Cafe: A Luxurious Afternoon Tea

The Chicken, Zucchini, Mascarpone, and Truffle Sandwich offers a satisfying blend of tender chicken, refreshing zucchini, mascarpone cheese, and truffle. Meanwhile, the Crab Meat and Sweet Corn Tart is adorned with fragrant coriander and the tantalising texture of puffed wild rice.

Sweet Symphony: Pastries from AIRSIDE Pâtisserie’s Collection

AIRSIDE Pâtisserie’s acclaimed collection takes the spotlight in the sweet parade. Indulge in French delights like the Tahiti Vanilla Canelé, with its caramelised crust and custard-like centre flavoured by rich, floral Tahitian vanilla.

The Mille Feuille Tart, infused with bitter orange, offers a layer-upon layer of sensations. Classic Macarons and Scones served with raspberry preserves and zesty lemon cream, complete this delectable afternoon affair.

Wine and More: Extending the Revelry at AIRSIDE Cafe

Extend the afternoon revelry with a dip into the AIRSIDE Cafe wine list, boasting plentiful wines, Champagnes, cocktails, and spirits. From Fantinel Extra Dry Prosecco to Aperol Spritz and Sparkling Mojito, the options abound. For non-alcoholic refreshments, mocktails like the Mango Mojito or Unicorn bring fruity delight.

Decadent Delights at AIRSIDE Cafe: A Luxurious Afternoon Tea

The experience at AIRSIDE Cafe goes beyond the culinary delights, extending into the realm of beverages with an extensive and carefully curated wine list. The inclusion of Fantinel Extra Dry Prosecco, Aperol Spritz, and Sparkling Mojito adds a touch of effervescence to the afternoon, providing options that complement the diverse flavours of the menu.

The mocktails, such as the Mango Mojito and Unicorn, are crafted with precision, offering a refreshing alternative for those who prefer a non-alcoholic twist to their indulgence.

The Culinary Epicenter: AIRSIDE Cafe’s Artisanal Dining

Situated at Kai Tak’s new shopping and commercial landmark, AIRSIDE Cafe takes the spotlight with its convivial dining of artisanal and innovative dishes. From the expansive open kitchen to generous portions encouraging shared experiences, each plate showcases inventive flavours, textures, and freshness.

AIRSIDE Cafe stands as the epicentre of culinary innovation at Kai Tak, offering a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. The expansive open kitchen serves as a stage where chefs create culinary masterpieces, providing guests with not just a meal but a visual spectacle.

The generous portions at AIRSIDE Cafe encourage shared experiences, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Each plate that emerges from the kitchen is a testament to the commitment to providing a dining experience that is not just about taste but also about creativity and freshness.

Decadent Delights at AIRSIDE Cafe: A Luxurious Afternoon Tea

AIRSIDE Cafe is not merely a restaurant; it’s a destination where culinary artistry meets a convivial atmosphere, creating an unforgettable dining experience in the heart of Kai Tak.

AIRSIDE Cafe beckons at Shop 322-323, AIRSIDE, 2 Concorde Road, Kai Tak, Kowloon, Hong Kong, opening daily from 12:00 noon to 9:30 p.m. Immerse yourself in the luxury of AIRSIDE Cafe and let every bite tell a tale of culinary craftsmanship in the heart of Kai Tak.

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