Dakota Johnson Is the Ultimate Farmers Market Bae

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Dakota Johnson Is the Ultimate Farmers Market Bae

When Dakota Johnson isn’t filming a blockbuster movie or walking the red carpet, she’s at the farmers market. And in true it-girl fashion, Dakota Johnson’s farmers market outfits have become a huge source of summer style inspiration. Not only that, but the iconic photos embody the exact vibe we’re all in search of—carefree hot days spent buying flowers and running around in cute outfits. And while we love her red carpet looks just as much, nothing hits harder than her street style. (Especially when she accessorizes with produce.)

Dakota Johnson’s street style is the perfect example of elevated basics. Even in jeans and a tank top, she looks effortlessly expensive. Her daily rotation of wide-leg jeans, solid tops, and sneakers is truly inspiring us to get back to the basics with our looks. In a fashion world that’s constantly changing and bringing new microtrends, Dakota Johnson is making the case for timeless outfits. Mostly because as the ultimate farmers market bae, she knows how to look chic even when buying groceries.

And Dakota Johnson’s accessory of choice? Sparkling water, of course. Whether she’s filming her upcoming movie Materialists in NYC or running errands in LA, Dakota Johnson’s love affair with sparkling water is the gift that keeps on giving. And when she’s not clutching her signature water bottle, she always has a bouquet of flowers or a watermelon in hand instead. Thanks to Dakota Johnson, we’re making the farmers market our runway.

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