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Cream Eyeshadow I Can’t Quit

I love wearing cream eyeshadow, not only because it’s easy to apply but also because it lasts all day. It creates a really beautiful base for layering powder shadows on top of it, but can also be worn alone.

Below is a list of my favorite colors and formulas of cream eyeshadow:

Laura Mercier Au Naturel – probably my most worn color because it really makes blue eyes pop!

Laura Mercier Caramel – a gorgeous warm shade of toffee.

Merit Vachetta – this is a rich warm brown, looks great with a nude lip.

Merit Studio – this is almost exactly the same as Laura Mercier Au Naturel!

Bobbi Brown Nude Beach – love this for a neutral brown with a hint of warmth.

Mac eyeshadow in Soft Brown (not a cream): this is such a beautiful warm brown to apply to the crease of the eye to add depth.

My favorite brush to use with cream eyeshadow is the EF1 by Makeup by Mario. I use the flat side for the cream shadow and the rounded side for any powder shadow I’m applying to the crease!

Merit also makes a great cream shadow brush that is perfect for applying a bit of color on your lower lash line as well.

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