Comfort and Convenience of Period Underwear vs. Other Options

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Comfort and Convenience of Period Underwear vs. Other Options

The comfort and convenience of period underwear is unmatched. Proof period underwear is considered a reusable and ultra-comfy alternative to single-use menstrual products. Our collection of period underwear is designed with comfort and leakproof protection in mind. 

At first the idea of period underwear might seem a little hard to grasp, but rest assured once you’ve tried some, you will be telling all of your friends. Ready to learn more?

What are Period Underwear?

Period underwear offer leakproof protection for women on their period. Depending on the absorbency of the underwear, they can be worn as a reusable alternative to single use period products or as a backup. Created with moisture-wicking material, period underwear works to lock in leaks and help you feel dry and confident. 

Some period underwear, like ours, can protect from all kinds of leaks. Our leakproof underwear can help protect from period leaks, sweat leaks, postpartum leaks, and more. 

How Do Period Underwear Work?

Our period underwear features Leak-Loc® technology that has multiple layers that draw in moisture and help lock in leaks.

Our period underwear is created with a moisture-wicking top layer, absorbent core, waterproof liner, and 4-way stretch outer fabric.

Available in superlight, light, moderate, heavy, and superheavy absorbency levels, you can find your flow at Proof.

Some of our absorbency levels are intended to serve as a backup to single use period products while others can be a reliable alternative.

Benefits of Period Underwear

Periods can be uncomfortable – let’s face it. To deal with periods, us women do what we do best. . . adapt. Period underwear are beneficial to women on their period in many ways, some you just can’t put a price on. Here are some of the benefits of period underwear. 

  • Comfort and convenience: Before you start or end your day, slip on a clean pair of period underwear and get the peace of mind you deserve. When you choose the right absorbency level, you can enjoy all-day comfort and protection on your period. Our period underwear is crafted with buttery soft, moisture wicking material to deliver comfort and invisible protection. With no-show edges and a variety of styles our period underwear helps you look and feel your best. They look and feel the same as your regular underwear, but deliver unseen and powerful protection. 

  • Reusable: Period underwear is a reusable alternative to single use period products. Our period underwear is machine-washable and designed to be worn time and time again. 

  • Cost-effective: Period underwear is reusable so you can get your moneys worth time and time again. Bundle three or more pairs on our website and save 20%. Who doesn’t love a good deal? 

  • Healthier option: Hygiene is important down there, especially on your period. Period underwear works to keep you dry and comfortable which is associated with many benefits. Our absorbent core pulls moisture away from the body and our Leak-Loc® edges help lock leaks in. Let go of your worries and continue to enjoy your life, because your period should never hold you back. 

Traditional Options: Pads and Tampons

Let’s take a second to compare period underwear to traditional options such as pads, tampons, and other single use period products. 

  • Reusable: Period underwear are a reusable alternative to single-use period and incontinence products. They’re machinewashable too. Simply wear and wash, not wear and toss.

  • Comfort and absorbency: Our period underwear are made with buttery soft material that’s designed to move with your body. Not to mention, they’re up to 100% leakproof. Say hello to panties with protection, no strings attached™. 

  • Fights odor and breathability: Staying dry and keeping your flow on the down low can help you gain confidence while achieving maximum comfort on your period. Our period underwear are moisture-wicking, breathable, and designed to fight odor. Unseen but powerful protection all in one. 

  • Movement and flexibility: From shuttling kids to school to workout classes, life doesn’t stop just because your period starts. Say goodbye to adjusting your pad or tampon and hello to period underwear designed to move with you every step you take. Our period underwear are created with multi-way stretch designed to move with your body. 

  • The cost factor: Period underwear is reusable and can last for years to come with proper care. 

How to Choose the Right Period Underwear

Our period underwear is just like the basics, but made better.

To choose the right period underwear, start by browsing your favorite styles on our website.

Next, match your flow to the right absorbency level.

Since your flow can fluctuate, you may want to stock up on a few different absorbency levels. If you plan to workout while on your period, a little more absorbency can go a long way.

At Proof, we offer a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee on your first order, yet another way we deliver confidence.

Shop our period underwear today and say hello to the new staple in your underwear drawer. 

Washing and Care

Our leakproof period underwear are machine washable, but are best left to air dry. Here are a few tips to be mindful of when washing our period underwear.

  • Wash on a delicate cycle with cold water.
  • Use delicate detergents.
  • To sanitize, run them in the rinse cycle with a few drops of tea tree oil or vinegar.
  • Hang or lay flat to air dry. 


Comfort and convenience may not be two words you associate with your period, that is until you discover our period underwear.

Trust us when we say – the Proof is in the package.

Our period underwear is designed for all-day comfort and helps protect from leaks. With the look and feel of your regular underwear, you can gain a sense of normalcy even on your period.

With our period underwear you can be ready for anything, day or night.

Shop our collection of best-selling period underwear today and enjoy a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee on your first order. 

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