Chloë Sevigny Just Put Her Cool Girl Stamp of Approval on Bubble Dresses

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Chloë Sevigny Just Put Her Cool Girl Stamp of Approval on Bubble Dresses

As NYC’s resident cool girl since 1995, you’ll never catch Chloë Sevigny in a bad ‘fit. And with so many 2000s trends resurfacing, Chloë Sevigny’s bubble dress has convinced everyone that the silhouette is cool again. Being the it girl of the ’90s, Chloë is known for serving incredible downtown girl looks.

For decades, Chloë has been recognized as a fashion icon. And given Gen Z’s obsession with the ’90s, it only makes sense that the love for Chloë Sevigny has become intergenerational. After all, she’s the skater boy’s muse and the fashion girly’s biggest inspiration. Nepo babies and Instagram models may come and go, but Chloë will always live rent-free in our minds and on our mood boards.

Photo by Steve Granitz/FilmMagic.

Chloë brought back the bubble-hem silhouette in a brand new way. Her puff-sleeve dress adorned with an oversized collar is the epitome of cool girl attire. If you haven’t gotten the hint by now, babydoll dresses are no longer just for babies. I feel like I’ve seen every skin-tight bodycon dress under the sun, so it’s a relief that nowadays, the puffier the dress—the cooler the girl.

Most know them from middle school dances and Paris Hilton in 2005, but bubble dresses are a 2024 Pinterest girl staple. Thankfully, you’ll no longer see bubble dresses in jewel tones and obnoxious animal prints. Like most of Hollywood, bubble dresses have gotten a major facelift since we saw them last. For TikTok users, bubble dresses are a must-have summer piece. With every fast-fashion brand running to release their own version and Chloë Sevigny’s stamp of approval, they’re definitely here to stay.

Paris Hilton in 2005. Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.

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