Cancer, Your 2024 Horoscope Says You’re Embracing Fame & Notoriety This Year

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Cancer, Your 2024 Horoscope Says You’re Embracing Fame & Notoriety This Year

The new year begins with your relationships becoming more intense, dynamic, and passionate, but there’s so much more to your Cancer 2024 horoscope. With aggressive Mars entering your seventh house of allies, enemies, and partnerships on January 4, you may find your feelings toward the important people in your life amplifying one way the other.

You’re taking your relationships and commitments to new levels in 2024. This is thanks to Pluto in Aquarius reentering your eighth house of intimacy from January 20 to September 1, and again on November 19. Since 2008, Pluto has been reshaping your perspective of relationships and how they should function, and now, you’re gearing up for an empowering shift that purges the deadbeat energy in your life. The eighth house not only rules over emotional entanglements, but also financial ones, making this a powerful year to make financial investments and to clear away monetary debts. Believe me, it will pay off later!

You’ve made major strides in your career, but you’ve also been dealt a few disappointments. 2024 is the year you forgive yourself for what has gone wrong, creating space for everything that can go right. As the North Node of Destiny joins forces with healing Chiron on February 19, it will allow you to become a relatable leader in your professional field that inspires others to achieve. And once a lunar eclipse in Libra casts a shadow over your fourth house of home and family on March 25, you’ll create space for a new understanding of what helps you feel safe, secure, and surrounded by the people who love you. Your private life may be your central focus, but once a total solar eclipse rises in your career sector on April 8, you won’t be able to control or withstand the professional progress you’re making. Get ready to work smarter, not necessarily harder.

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Your social outreach will blast through the stratosphere around April 20, when Jupiter joins forces with Uranus in your 11th house of community ideals. This will not only inspire new friendships that galvanize and inspire you, but it could also increase your follower count and lead to a new level of fame and notoriety. So many more people are about to know your name.

However, once expansive Jupiter enters your 12th house of spirituality and solitude on May 25, you may spend the rest of the year decompressing and getting to know your inner workings on a deeper level. You may not feel as interested with reaching extreme success in the material realm, but far more concerned with expanding your powers on an intuitive level. Are you ready to dive into therapy? Have you dreamed of becoming a psychic, a medium, or a Tarot card reader?

You’re learning so much and seeing so many things this year, especially once a lunar eclipse in Pisces lights up your ninth house of expansion, philosophy, and adventure on September 17. This could jumpstart a new form of education, whether that be returning to the classroom or making plans for travel. New experiences are imminent. And once a solar eclipse in Libra makes way through your fourth house of personal undertakings on October 2, you may find yourself calling a new place home or discovering a new understanding of family.

There may be a slow-down in your ability to produce funds by the end of the year, thanks to Mars—planet of drive and motivation—retrograding through your second house of money as of December 6. Save up money before this takes place, as it might be your saving grace. This retrograde will help you reframe what you place value in, allowing you to prioritize what truly matters.

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