Can being sick delay your period?

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Can being sick delay your period?

Being sick can cause hormone levels to fluctuate, thus delaying the start of your period. Pretty interesting, right? The female body is an amazing creation that we don’t always love, but we should  learn to. The more you learn about how it works, the more you can appreciate all that it does and learn ways to make living in it more enjoyable. 

Can Being Sick Delay Your Period? 

The female body is incredibly sensitive, as you probably already know. Some women may experience more cycle irregularities than others for a variety of reasons. A cold or flu can delay or throw off your period—as can medications you take to curb the sickness. As a female, the more you know about your body, the easier you can identify and prove irregularities. An easy way to start is to simply note the start date of your period each cycle. If you frequently experience irregular periods, you may want to consult your doctor. Arriving at your appointment with cycle dates and viable information can help your doctor help you. 

How Does Being Sick Affect Hormonal Balance?

Hormones are easily affected, and being sick is no exception. Whether you have a severe cold or minor cough or cold, your body will take action to try and fight it off, causing change throughout the body, hormones included. Illness can cause hormone levels to change which can delay the start of your period and throw off your cycle. This can also cause a domino effect of other side effects to follow. 

Hormones are chemical messengers of the body that travel in the bloodstream to organs or tissues. While they are slow working, they can greatly impact the body such as mood, sexual function, reproduction, metabolism, development, and more. 

There’s also the case that other factors can influence hormones, causing a delayed period. Factors such as lack of sleep, stress, and a poor diet can cause a hormonal imbalance as well as impact overall health, thus leading to you getting sick. The female body is always going through change so monitor closely and call your doctor if you have any concerns. 

What Types of Illnesses Can Delay Periods?

If your period is delayed, you may want to take a pregnancy test, but rest assured there may be other reasons for the delay. Truthfully, any type of illness could delay your period. Lifestyle changes can also delay your period. The length of a cycle can vary, with the average being 28 days. This means that every 28 days a woman would have a period, with day 1 being the day your period starts. However, cycles between 23 to 35 days are normal too. As we mentioned earlier, the more familiar you are with the actual days of your cycle, the easier you can identify actual delays and relate them to illness or other causes. Ultimately though, it can be challenging to pinpoint a specific reason for delay. If you have any concerns, contact your doctor. 

How Long Does Being Sick Delay a Period?

Being sick does not always delay a period. If and when it does though, the delay can vary. The female body is sensitive and every woman has their own experiences. While you probably never thought you’d wish for your period to start, it can be alarming if it’s delayed. Keep an eye on any other symptoms you may be experiencing and contact your doctor if your cycle goes longer than the normal (really anything exceeding 35 days). Again, if you generally have long cycles, you may want to wait longer. Learn what’s normal for your body and advocate for what’s best based on your judgment and knowledge. 

Tips to Managing Periods to be More Comfortable

Because sickness doesn’t always delay your period, and sometimes you get hit with sickness and a period all at once, comfort is always key. If it’s that time of month, take a deep breath, embrace the discomforts, and do everything you can to make your period more comfortable – it is possible (and starts with your attitude). 

3 tips to manage periods while prioritizing comfort:

  • Manage PMS: PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) includes symptoms such as a depressed mood, back pain, cramps, anxiety, fatigue, and more. First, learn to recognize PMS. Next, learn to manage it. Being aware of PMS can help you manage it as can taking over-the-counter pain relievers. While you should check with your doctor first, don’t let PMS take over your life. It may happen on a regular basis, so take a nap, and find remedies that help you manage it. 
  • Throw on those leggings: PMS can leave you feeling not-so-hot. Be kind to yourself and dress in what’s comfortable. It’s okay to not put on those tight jeans, just do what you need to do to carry on and stay comfortable. Hello leggings and sweats. 
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