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Best Underwear for Working Out

We’ve all been there. You’re in the zone, you’re about to push a personal best… and your underwear decides now is a great time to form a wedgie in your leggings. Do you A) carry on anyway- no pain, no gain, right?! Or B) invest in some gym-worthy undies to take your workout to another level? The answer’s B of course! Here’s everything you need to know about the best underwear for working out. Hint: it’s probably a thong.

Do you need special underwear for the gym?

So why we can’t just wear our normal undies for the gym? Do we even need to be thinking about it? That depends. And being real for a moment, it might depend on how bothered you are about sweat patches in all the wrong places…

When you workout, you sweat. And in places where you probably rather you didn’t. It’s totally normal by the way, if a little irritating- in more ways than one. Because when you sweat down there, you increase the risk of vaginal infections and odours too. So actually, yes- you do need special underwear for the gym.

What to look for when choosing pants for the gym

Go for fabrics that are breathable and moisture-wicking. This means that any sweat you do produce will be absorbed away from your skin, and the risk of irritation and infection is lower. 

If you’re on your period, this is especially important- changing pH levels in the vagina can leave you vulnerable to infection as it is. Throw in a sweaty gym session and you’ve got perfect conditions for a yeast infection. That means disposable pads are out- but if you’re reading this then you probably already know that period pants are the BEST option for managing your flow!

We recommend: 

New WUKA Stretch™ Cotton for their breathability and natural antibacterial properties. Great for working out on your heavier days.

New WUKA Stretch™ Thong for month-long protection against leaks, odours and VPL!

What is the best underwear for working out?

Like anything, it’s all about personal preference when it comes to choosing the best underwear for working out. Above all, you want to be comfy, supported and fresh- so a good fit is key, along with the right materials that will help you reduce odours and wick moisture away. Nobody wants chafing down there when they’re trying to conquer a three-legged downward-facing dog!

Underwear for yoga

When it comes to yoga, you need your underwear to move with you. Our new Stretch™ Thong  has been designed to do just that. Made with a bigger than normal gusset, this yoga thong actually covers all your bits, keeps you protected from leaks (whether period, sweat, pee or discharge) and gently adjusts to your body for a perfect second-skin fit- even if you’re bloated.

Great for stretching plus they look great under leggings thanks to the 360° seamless fit. Suitable for use during your period too, thanks to the highly absorbent gusset- can be used on light to medium flow days. 

Underwear for lifting

When it come to lifting weights, you want squat-proof, and you want leak-proof. Again, breathable fabrics are a must, so that sweat can be wicked away and your vulva can breathe. You probably also want a sleek silhouette in the leggings or shorts, right? We’ve got you.

We all know that thongs for leggings are the only way to avoid VPL at the gym- and luckily the Stretch™ Thong can be worn throughout your cycle to keep you protected against leaks and spills, however they might occur. 

For heavier days, Stretch™ High Waist period pants are perfect for a seamless finish and extra support when lifting heavy. 

Underwear for running

Yes, you can run on your period- and yes, you can also run when you’re ovulating and discharge is heavy. You just need to make sure your underwear is as strong as you are.

Running comes with added risks of chafing, which can make your choice of undies even more important. Remember the golden rule: you need to wick the sweat away to stay fresh and dry. Go for breathable fabrics to keep irritations at bay.

Our Stretch™ Thong features CoolMax™ technology to keep you dry and odour-free-plus the absorbent gusset means you don’t need to double up with a liner wrapped awkwardly around it ( you know you’ve been there!) and you don’t need a tampon either. No strings, no wings- and no VPL.

Are gym thongs safe to use on your period?

Yes, yes. Yes, it is safe to wear a thong at the gym while on your period! And especially if it’s our Stretch™️ Thong! 

👉🏽 Worried about leaks? No need. The Stretch™️ Thong has a highly absorbent gusset which is larger than a normal thong- making it suitable for light to medium flow days. 

👉🏽 Worried about chafing? Not happening. Our Stretch™️ technology means that the thong gently stretches to your unique body shape (even if you’re bloated) and it moves when you move so you don’t need to disrupt your flow.

👉🏽 Worried about VPL? Don’t be. We’ve made this thong completely seamless, and again thanks to Stretch™️ technology, there’s no digging in either. You get a perfect fit every time.

👉🏽 Worried about damp patches in all the wrong places? Honestly, don’t sweat it. CoolMax™️ technology means you stay dry and fresh (and odour free) plus the gusset is moisture-wicking too, so there’ll be absolutely no unsightly patches putting you off your game. Win win!

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