Best Sleeping Positions To Relieve Period Cramps

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Best Sleeping Positions To Relieve Period Cramps

Getting plenty of restful sleep is always important, but especially during that time of month. It’s no secret that periods can leave us uncomfortable and wide awake trying to find relief. While you may need to take medications to further assist with period cramps, you may be surprised to learn there are certain sleeping positions that can provide comfort and help make your period more manageable. 

What are the best sleeping positions to help with period cramps?

Periods are exhausting, period. Losing sleep over a period makes them even more exhausting. Whether you’re just trying to relax and find comfort or sleep through the night, there are a few sleeping positions that can ease period cramps. One may soothe you for a while, but you may need to intermix position. Here are three of the best sleeping positions to help with period cramps. 

  • Fetal position: Sleeping in a fetal position can take pressure off your abdominal muscles, thus relieving tension that may be worsening cramps. The fetal position is one of the best sleeping positions for cramping relief during your period. Not only can it ease the severity of cramps, but it can provide a sense of safety and comfort. 
  • Pillow under knees: Try placing a small round pillow under your knees as you lie on your back. If you don’t have a pillow, a towel can be used as a replacement. Keep your legs straight and breathe as you feel your muscles relax and your body calm as cramping pain settles. 
  • Child pose: It may feel unnatural to actually attempt to sleep in a child’s pose, but don’t rule it out until you’ve tried it. Child’s pose can provide unmatched muscle relief while easing the pain of period cramps. If you can sleep in this position comfortably, you should. Otherwise, try to keep yourself in a child’s pose for an extended period to help with menstrual cramps.


Which position is best to sleep during a period?

Ultimately the best position will be the one that you find most comfortable. Keep in mind that a sleeping position can ease the pain of cramps, but you may need other remedies as well. If cramps are interrupting your day-to-day life, you should consult with your doctor. For most women, the fetal position is a go-to for relief. Trying the fetal position will hopefully help you find some relief – but don’t forget to breathe, stay hydrated, and be as positive as possible. Cramps and periods may be disruptive, but they are part of being a woman. Be grateful that you’re experiencing natural mother nature symptoms, and never take your health for granted.. Switching to leakproof period underwear can make your period more comfortable, in addition to the right sleeping positions.

Other tips to help alleviate period cramps

A comfortable sleeping position can help ease cramps, but as we’ve said, you may need to enlist other remedies in conjunction. Here are a few tips that can help alleviate period cramps.

  • Apply a heating patch: Heating patches can be applied right where you need relief the most to ease period cramps. With instant warmth, you’ll be immediately comforted as blood flow increases, muscles relax, and cramping pain fades.
  • Light exercise: Exercise is good both physically and mentally. Light exercise, say a walk on your lunch, can reduce bloating and lessen cramping pain. Aerobic exercise, even in light moderation, can help blood circulation while releasing endorphins. You can also try a low back and glute stretch to alleviate tightness that may result from period cramping. Other exercises such as keeling abominable twists and glute bridges can be beneficial too.
  • Try some yoga: Whether you do a flow or a few stretches before bed, or incorporate professional yoga classes into your routine, it can help rescue menstrual cramping pain. Doing yoga before bed can help you de-stress and ease your body into relaxation to promote a good night’s sleep. 
  • Reduce stress: While easier said than done, focus on reducing stress as much as possible. From worsening period cramps to anxiety, stress has a long list of negatives. Stress can be reduced if you commit to making an effort to reduce it. Whether it’s planning ahead, setting aside time to breathe, exercising, working a little less, or anything else – find ways to reduce stress and or manage it more effectively. Stress is hard on your body and will not help menstrual cramps or your mental well-being. 

If you’re suffering from menstrual cramps, hang in there and apply some of the tips above. It’s okay to take a break if you’re not feeling well on your period, but periods should not stop life. 




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How to sleep when you have period cramps

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