Benefits Of Adaptive Underwear For Incontinence

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Benefits Of Adaptive Underwear For Incontinence

The last thing you want your child to worry about is getting themselves dressed, especially with special needs. Whether your child has sensory-processing sensitivities or has a disability, having clothing that is both stylish and functional can be a lifesaver and confidence builder.

And major clothing brands across the globe are starting to build adaptive clothing and features into their clothing. For example, adaptive underwear provides your child with many incredible benefits by incorporating functionality and features like hidden openings for abdominal access or magnetic closures for children with mobility issues.

As a parent, you may be struggling to find the best type of underwear solution for your child that can help them with their daily life, build confidence, and prevent embarrassing accidents from becoming embarrassing in the first place.

Today, the adaptive underwear pros at Tony & Ava wanted to take a look at some of the most significant benefits of adaptive underwear for incontinence compared to using diapers as an alternative for your child or teen.

Easy Access Design

Adaptive underwear is designed with easy on and easy off access in mind for your child. Gone are the days of struggling to pull the down and up. With features like magnetic snaps and Velcro, adaptive underwear can help your child reduce accidents that can be caused by diapers that are difficult to remove.

Reduce Pain & Discomfort

Let’s face it, sitting around for hours at a time—or even minutes—in a wet diaper is not only uncomfortable but can cause rashes and other infections in the genital areas of your child. In addition, there are times when your child or teen is at school and may be unable to get their diaper off or changed quickly. With adaptive underwear, your teen will have leak-proof underwear that’s designed to prevent odors and embarrassment and that they can easily change themselves when needed.

Build Confidence

As your teen gets older, the struggles, lack of confidence, and embarrassment that they deal with while at school can be reduced and limited with adaptive underwear. For example, when a diaper gets full, it can leak out all over their clothing and cause them to become self-conscious and stressed. Our adaptive underwear is designed to be leak-proof and provide your child with discreet protection against stains and odors so they can function in their day with confidence.


When your child is wearing diapers during their school day to help with their incontinence, it means in many cases that they have to get assistance to change them. But with adaptive underwear, your child will be able to build confidence through independence. In addition, adaptive underwear allows your child or teen to keep dressing themselves even when incontinence strikes during their school day by building in easy-to-work closures like magnetic buttons and Velcro tabs.

They’re Discreet

It’s not hard to tell when a child is wearing a diaper, especially as they get filled with urine. Unfortunately, these types of situations can be embarrassing for your teen as they try to function at school. With Tony & Ava’s innovative adaptive underwear, you’re able to ensure that your child or teen has the protection against incontinence they need and that their clothing looks as normal as possible on the outside.

Why choose adaptive underwear over diapers?

Diapers are bulky and messy, and that should be reason enough to move away from using diapers for your child’s incontinence struggles, but there are still more. Diapers can be hard to take off and leave your child needing assistance to change them when the time comes. In addition, they can cause your child to struggle with self-esteem and confidence issues when all of that can be prevented by choosing adaptive underwear from Tony & Ava.

Adaptive underwear helps reduce the pain caused when your child gets dressed or undressed. Thanks to the simple-to-use closures, they’re easy to take on and off. They help your child learn independence and build confidence, and they’re designed to be completely discreet and comfortable. And did we mention that they’re leak-proof?

If you’re still struggling to decide whether or not adaptive underwear is the better option over diapers for your child or teen. Be sure to check out our website for our full line of adaptive underwear for teens and kids.

Tony & Ava’s absorbent, adaptive underwear is designed to provide leak-proof protection so your child can build confidence without having to wear diapers to school.

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