BAM Karaoke Box London To Open Its Doors This Month

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BAM Karaoke Box London To Open Its Doors This Month

In an era where experiences are paramount, BAM Karaoke Box London emerges as a trendsetter in private Parisian karaoke, poised to disrupt London’s social, dining, and drinking scene with its highly anticipated UK debut in Victoria.

Opening its doors on Friday 19 April, BAM Karaoke Box promises to ignite excitement and redefine urban entertainment, seamlessly blending innovation with Parisian flair across design, cocktails, and culinary offerings.

Having established a strong presence across Europe with eight successful launches in cities like Paris, Bordeaux, and Madrid, BAM Karaoke Box now sets its sights on London.

Revolutionizing Urban Entertainment: BAM Karaoke Box London

With a reputation for excellence preceding it, the brand is set to revolutionize the city’s entertainment landscape, offering a unique fusion of sophistication and fun.

Immersive Experiences Await

Spanning an impressive 10,000 square feet on Victoria Street, BAM Karaoke Box boasts 22 private karaoke rooms, the vibrant BAM BAM Bar, a live music stage, and an inviting outdoor terrace.

Crafted in collaboration with renowned design agency BradyWilliams Studio, each room exudes its own distinct character, drawing inspiration from the vibrant legacy of Nell Gwyn, an iconic figure with strong ties to the local area.

Nell Gwyn’s spirited presence infuses every corner of BAM Karaoke Box. From lush gardens to opulent murals, the venue pays homage to her vivacious personality and legendary soirées hosted at her townhouse in St James’s during the 17th Century.

Guests are transported to Gwyn’s heyday upon arrival, greeted by whimsical terraces and vibrant interiors that blend old-world charm with contemporary flair.

The Enigmatic BAM BAM Bar

Descending into the lower ground floor, guests are welcomed by the BAM BAM Bar, a pulsating hub of activity featuring a 10ft backlit bar, live music stage, and DJ booth.

Revolutionizing Urban Entertainment: BAM Karaoke Box London

With a 1:30 am license, the bar sets the stage for unforgettable late-night revelry, offering a lineup of DJs, live musicians, and curated events to keep the party going till the early hours.

BAM Karaoke Box’s private rooms are a testament to creativity and extravagance, each designed to transport guests to a realm of enchantment. From the majestic Peacock Room to the mysterious Scandalous Room, every space offers a unique backdrop for unforgettable celebrations and gatherings.

Culinary Delights by Sabrina Gidda

At the helm of BAM Karaoke Box’s culinary offerings is Consultant Culinary Director Sabrina Gidda, whose modern European menu with French influence reflects the vibrant spirit of London. From deviled eggs with Exmoor caviar to steak tartare croustade, each dish is a testament to Sabrina’s eclectic culinary expertise.

Revolutionizing Urban Entertainment: BAM Karaoke Box London

Complementing the culinary experience is a diverse bar menu curated by BAM’s resident cocktail consultant, Julian de Féral. From signature cocktails like the Proud Nelly to classic favourites with a modern twist, the bar promises a sensory journey of flavours and textures.

Future Endeavours and Exclusive Offerings

As BAM Karaoke Box establishes its presence in London, guests can look forward to exclusive private dining options, a dynamic events programme, and the launch of the BAM brunch. With more exciting openings on the horizon, London remains at the forefront of BAM’s expansion plans, promising even more memorable experiences in the future.

Revolutionizing Urban Entertainment: BAM Karaoke Box London

Arnaud Studer, Founder of BAM Karaoke Box, expresses his excitement, stating, “The launch of BAM Karaoke Box in London marks a significant milestone for our brand. We are thrilled to bring the unique atmosphere and energy of BAM to London, offering a new concept where people can come together to have fun and socialize while enjoying the best in food, drinks, and music.”

Booking lines are now open, inviting guests to secure their spot for an unforgettable night of karaoke magic and vibrant entertainment at BAM Karaoke Box, available every Tuesday through Saturday starting from Friday, April 19th.

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