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Athletes vs. Sanitary Pads

Sometimes it’s easy for grown women to forget the awkwardness and uncertainty of being a girl. Especially when it comes to menstruation. Remember those first few years, trying to figure out ways to hide the fact that it was that time from your classmates?


Sure, there are some things we worried about then that we still worry about today:


Is my pad showing?


Am I leaking?


Can I get to a bathroom in time?


But at least by this time, we’ve developed strategies that work pretty well. Back in the early days, most of us had no idea what to do when things didn’t go according to plan. And for girls in sports or dance, the challenge rises to a new level.


Many younger girls are unable to wear tampons or menstrual cups, so they have to wear pads at all times. This can become especially worrisome when all the girl is wearing is a leotard or a cheer uniform. If she’s shy or modest, she may not want her classmates to know she’s on her menstrual cycle. That means hiding a bulky pad and a pair of underwear in a garment that wasn’t designed to hide anything.


And let’s not pretend pads stay in place during gymnastics or track and field. Nothing quite brings about a sudden flush of fear than realizing that your sanitary pad has come un-stuck when you’re a football field away from the nearest bathroom, and all your fellow students (male and female) can see you.


It’s a no-win scenario.

We wanted to make sure girls today won’t need to know that feeling. For those who need to wear pads while playing sports or other physical activities, period-proof bodysuits and our full line of teen period underwear are godsends. Imagine the security of knowing that you could wear nothing but a leotard, and your pad would stay discreetly in place, or you could run the mile without the fear of your pad working its way out of your undies and through your shorts. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?


The Ruby Love collection of bodysuits and underwear designs came from understanding the struggle that women and girls face when they want to be active during their periods. We know what it’s like, and we wanted to change it.


When I was a teen, there were several heavy-flow days when I skipped dance classes to avoid the embarrassment of staining my ballet clothes in front of my peers. I loved taking class, but the fear kept me home. If a period-proof bodysuit had been available to me then, I’d have snatched it up in an instant. I have friends now who have admitted to telling their coaches that they couldn’t play due to “female problems.” That was the truth, but the problems weren’t cramps, they were a severe lack of appropriate clothing.


It’s true that girls today are able to do much more than girls of our generation or before. Sanitary pad design has come a long way, and tampons are more accessible to younger girls who are able to wear them. But we all know that while a pad’s wings can help a little, when they do decide to give way, it’s just another uncomfortable element to deal with (anyone else remember looking down to find two white wings sticking out of your leotard?).


These products were invented to solve a problem that—for us—had no real solution. They weren’t there for us, so we’re making sure they’re here for today’s girls. Shop for period-proof activewear for your teen or yourself today.  And, now Ruby Love offers a full line of period athletic apparel — tennis skorts, running shorts, leggings, swimsuits and gymnastics leotards. 

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