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April 2023 Horoscopes: Mercury Retrograde Returns

Like the month of March, April is going to be an interesting month full of change—but in a different way! Last month’s fiery energy spills into this one with the arrival of the April 5 full moon, which is set to bring unresolved relationship issues to the surface. Hearing the call from the universe to resolve them now will bear you fruits as soon as the luckiest day of the year arrives. On April 11, the Sun meets with Jupiter, bringing optimism and warm-hearted energy. 

April 19 brings the new moon solar eclipse in Aries, beginning a story that will unfold until March 2025. Eclipses are super-charged lunations that bring imminent change and open and close doors, so whatever happens now was “meant to be.” The very next day, the Sun begins illuminating the skies of Taurus, putting an end to the intense fiery energy that we’ve been experiencing since mid-February. A slower, more chill vibe will be the norm for the next four weeks as we strive to feed our senses. Stop to smell the roses, listen to beautiful melodies, eat delicious food, and connect more with your body. 

Our cosmic messenger, Mercury, goes retrograde in Taurus on April 21, deepening the need to embrace introspection and a slower pace of life. From now until May 14, some of us may feel inspired to reformulate our budgets and rethink the way we spend money.

Find out what these major shifts mean for your zodiac sign in your April horoscope below! Be sure to read your Sun sign as well as your rising sign.

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Aries April 2023 Horoscope

Intense conversations could arrive at the April 5 full moon, Aries, when it might be crucial that you put yourself in someone else’s shoes to understand their point of view. By doing so, you could heal a very deep part of yourself. April 11 is one of your luckiest days of the entire year, bringing the perfect opportunity to ask someone out and even take a risk. 

If an extra sum of money falls into your lap around this time, you might decide to purchase a nice item for your home. Do so before April 10, while affluent Venus is still supporting your financial moves. Empty your calendar around April 19, which is when the new moon solar eclipse happens in your sign. This event could instigate the beginning of a powerful reinvention that will unfold over the next two years!

Taurus April 2023 Horoscope

This month, dare to make changes, Taurus. The April 5 full moon will whisper information that will be critical for your growth, so pay attention to the signs you receive around this time. If you’ve been considering making any changes to your appearance, act before April 10. Until then, lovely Venus will be in your sign, magnifying your style skills.

If you want to purchase any home-related items, your best days arrive between April 10 and April 20. Messenger Mercury goes retrograde in your sign from April 21 to May 14, a time in which you might have to diminish your spending. Combined with the April 19 new moon solar eclipse, you will close the month on a quiet note while you put together your plan of attack, as your future looks bright! 

Gemini April 2023 Horoscope

You’re entering a deeply introspective time, Gemini. Throughout the entire month, the universe will request you to embrace a slower pace of life by resting more and connecting with your intuition. Hear the call and designate a space in your home in which you can meditate, stretch, or take breaks—especially if you work from home. You are bound to feel this introspective vibe more strongly in the second part of the month. 

Still, dating and romance could also be on your mind as lover Venus enters your sign on April 10. Starting now, it could be easier to meet someone in real life or through a dating app. If dating is not on your mind right now, this influence can also be used for pampering yourself by booking massages or seeking other self-care practices

Cancer April 2023 Horoscope

What a month to be a Cancer! The beginning of April will have you busy with your energy being pulled in multiple directions. At the April 5 full moon, prioritize your home and private life over your office or Zoom Room, especially if your family or a close friend needs you. Around April 11, you’re bound to receive positive news, which is when Jupiter and the Sun illuminate your sector of reputation. 

If a new job or career path opens for you before or around April 19, you might decide to take it. This would be the universe’s way of redirecting you toward a path that seems more in line with your destined trajectory. Once the Sun enters Taurus on April 20, you will be less busy at work, and life on the job will become a little more predictable. 

Leo April 2023 Horoscope

As a driven zodiac sign, you’ve been working hard—and you’re about to bear the fruits of your labor. April 11 is one of your luckiest days, when good news about a job or a trip could hit your inbox. If you need to launch any projects or contact important people in your industry, do it before April 10, while you still have popular Venus helping you out. 

Once April 21 arrives, Mercury will begin its retrograde in your career sector. From now until mid-May, there may be changes at work that will require you to have a fluid mindset. Since progress will be slow, you could even decide to take a vacation or some days off around this time. If you go for it, choose an exotic or faraway destination. 

Virgo April 2023 Horoscope

April will be a life-changing month, Virgo. The April 5 full moon could deliver an important message from a faraway land that could change your life. Be open and listen. The ultra-lucky April 11 meetup between Jupiter and the Sun occurs in your sector of intimacy, which could mean a serious relationship is going to the next level. If this rings true for you, make sure to have some friends over at your place for a casual celebration. 

From April 21 to May 14, your planetary ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde. Luckily, it will be activating a zodiac sign that is friendly to you: Taurus. If you experience any delays or miscommunications, take it as a sign from the universe to change your thought patterns. In the end, Mercury is trying to get you to upgrade your overall life philosophy. 

Libra April 2023 Horoscope

In April, your relationship luck continues, Libra! The April 5 full moon occurs in your sign, asking you to put yourself first in a relationship that has been feeling unbalanced. By doing so, you open the door for huge growth by April 11, when good news could arrive. Reaching a deeper sense of commitment within an existing relationship is possible now. 

Mark the days between April 21 and May 14 on your calendar, when Mercury will be retrograde in your intimacy sector. While these days might bring intensity to your interactions, allowing yourself to truly express how you feel will bring you closer together with a special person. These days are also an incredible time to focus on performing a deep spring cleaning in your home and office space. 


Scorpio April 2023 Horoscope

You could be feeling pretty low energy at the beginning of the month, Scorpio. During the April 5 full moon, make sure to spend time alone and journal all your feelings, as you will be downloading critical information. A sweet project could fall into your lap around April 11—however, don’t fall into the trap of overpromising more than what you can deliver. The more realistic you stay this month, the better. 

Starting April 21, the retrograde of Mercury will have you renegotiate the boundaries within a relationship. This could involve a business or romantic partner, as well as a coach or mentor. Since the energy will be intense now, think twice before you say something that you could regret. This will be especially true on April 27 and April 28, when the moon in Leo could deliver little moments of crisis. 

Sagittarius April 2023 Horoscope

Relationships will be a big focus for you this month. Lover Venus enters your relationship sector on April 10, making you a hot commodity for the rest of the month. For any Sagittarius looking for love, April 11 could be incredibly lucky, so put yourself out there! While the April 19 new moon solar eclipse could be intense for some, it could also bring you a destined meetup. The relationships that begin now could have a karmic and destined feel to them. 

Your sector of career also looks busy this month—however, be prepared to make some adjustments this month and next. Between April 21 and May 14, Mercury retrograde will bring delays to your projects. And while this could be annoying at first, these setbacks will most likely work in your favor later on. Be patient. 

Capricorn April 2023 Horoscope

You might have to show your most responsible side at the April 5 full moon, Capricorn! A big project could come to fruition now, requiring you to work longer hours. The great news is that your home life won’t suffer and will also receive blessings around the lucky April 11 Sun-Jupiter conjunction. A new place to live could become available or a remodeling project could begin now. 

If the latter happens, be patient this month. Mercury will be retrograde in your sector of creativity from April 21 to May 14, meaning that delays or setbacks could occur when waiting for materials or tools. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, these could be blessings in disguise. Embrace them, as they could end up changing the overall vibe of your project. 

Aquarius April 2023 Horoscope

You begin April with trendy Venus gracing your home sector, bringing the perfect energy to make any design improvements in your home. Make sure to harness this energy by April 10, as you will not receive it again for the rest of the year. The days surrounding the April 19 new moon solar eclipse may bring the beginning of an important project that you could be working on for the next two years. The relationships you build through this project could elevate your status for some time to come. 

This spring’s Mercury retrograde will activate your home sector from April 21 to May 14. Miscommunications with family or roommates could occur now and patience will be required so situations don’t become too stressful. If the energy feels stuck, rearranging the furniture or art could bring a sense of newness when you need it the most. 

Pisces April 2023 Horoscope

You’re in luck, Pisces! The fortunate yearly meetup between Jupiter and the Sun could bring you a financial bonus or reward. While it would be fine to spend some of it on necessary home repairs, it might be wise to save some for the manifestation of a bigger dream. This is also true because an unexpected expense could arrive later in the month, around the April 19 new moon solar eclipse. 

If you are a writer or work in media, try to wrap up any important projects by April 20. On April 21, the communication planet, Mercury, begins its retrograde in your sector of thought and speech. This could not only slow your productivity but also bring the need to rewrite, review, or overthink a project. 

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